11 Ways to Make Money Online From Home

It pays good money to cast your financial net on the Internet from home, where a wealth of online money-making opportunities await. All you need to get started is a Web-enabled computer and a small amount of your valuable time.

Monetize your passion in the form of currency—whether blogging for cash or social networking—is one of many ways to make money online from your computer at home. But others are also popping up, such as flipping domains in the hope of profit or even earning revenue form YouTube videos. 

It’s a fact, the Internet is the world’s best-paying job. It’s global system of interconnected computer networks, where anyone can start to make money online from home immediately, and without having to pay a dime. Most of these online jobs earn a small, steady stream of cash. But some payout big bucks.

To avoid scams, beware of unknown sites promising you fame and fortune. These dishonest sites only intend to swindle you out of your hard-earned money, and if possible, steal your last dollar. Can these sites show proof their money-making schemes are a profit-maker? And is what they’re asking you to do even legal?

Also, pay attention to your computer’s clock so you can maximize your income potential without wasting large amounts of your precious time. To put yourself on the fast track to success, watch our free online video tutorials, and you’ll find the World Wide Web to be awash in moneymaking opportunities.


Sell eBooks Online

Selling eBooks Online is an up-and-coming way of making great money from home.  Selling eBooks takes a bit of planning and a bit of business skills, plus some drive.  You can use Amazon or many other platforms to sell your eBooks, and can sell them through your own site.

Some people make big bucks selling eBooks that they’ve written themselves.  If you have a passion for fantasy novels or memoirs or poetry, this may be the way for you.  Some people hire writers to write the books for them and bring in the profits themselves.  Some entrepreneurs have many writers working under them at once.

Once you have an organization under you, you can start bringing in a steady income via the Internet.  Many people who do this have a particular specialty, like how-to books or books on historical figures, etc.

To get started, just learn how to format your books, particularly if you’re going to publish them using Amazon’s createspace or another popular platform.  Build a portfolio you’ll use all the time so you can make the books look the way they need to.  Once you get a readership, you’ll be making great money in no time.

Sell Online Courses

Creating and selling online courses means preparing learning materials in your area of expertise and turning them into good money.  Anyone can create and sell online courses, with no teaching experience.

The first thing to do to get into this money-making venture is to narrow down your subject matter. It can be making jewelry from a specific type of material, writing and selling romance novels, flipping real estate, anything that users will pay to learn.

Then, you can easily find software or websites that will make courses out of your raw material.  From there, you just go through the steps to get the course online, and then it’s time to set the price and market the course. For reference, you can make money selling your videos on Vimeo.

Choose a price based on how much people will want to pay. Customers will pay more for your courses if they figure to make them thousands or triple their income.

You then need to market the course through various websites and blogs, getting the word out far and wide to your potential customers.  Set up a “pay on the net” service and begin making a good, steady passive income with online courses.

Earn Income on Amazon

Earning income on Amazon means taking advantage of the large retail site’s capabilities to make hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands a month.

Amazon sells more than books and music—all sorts of products from toothpaste to action figures to power tools.  Many of these are sold by individuals looking to make a good income or some extra cash. 

You can open an Amazon account and sell any number of items on the platform.  You just acquire the products, list them, and then ship them either to the customer or to the Amazon shipping center.

There are various ways to jump on your high-speed Internet connection and sell through Amazon.  One of them is Fulfillment.  With this program, you get the products and Amazon stores them, sells them, and even ships them for you.  You just have to make sure that you are selling the items at a profit.

One of the challenges is to get products at such a discounted price that you can make a profit selling them on Amazon.  Many people have earned their whole living online selling on Amazon, and it isn’t hard to make fifty to sixty thousand dollars a year this way.

Online Surveys

Filling out online surveys is a great money-making opportunity.  It allows people to work from home and supplement their income.

If you are looking for an easy and fun way to make money, online surveys checks all the boxes. We all have opinions and love to give them!  Websites like and, allow you to bring in some extra cash filling out surveys.

The more surveys you fill out, the more you earn.  Many of these have to do with what kind of entertainments you like or what you think about a particular product, while some are on other issues. In fact, you do get to choose what topics you fill out surveys for. This valuable research to companies is what causes them to want to pay you or them.  You don’t necessarily make boatloads of cash for just a few surveys, but because each one takes only a matter of minutes, you can build up some good supplemental cash over a period of time.

People enjoy filling out surveys online because it doesn’t involve having a boss and doesn’t require you to be available at certain shifts.  In fact, you can turn small pockets of free time into some good income.

Blogging For Cash

Blogging for cash means turning a topic you’re interested in and turning it into a lucrative money-making opportunity.

With an internet connection and blogging websites, you can make money with your blog.  The first thing is to pick a topic that you care about, whatever it is.  It’s best to send into cyberspace something that a lot of people with click on, like info about movies or sports or how-to’s.  Find something that you can provide to best possible information on.  Make people turn to your site first, and you’ll have a solid income.

Learn the various strategies to increase web traffic to your blog and you can monetize it in various ways.  You can sell ads, get into per-click programs, get paid for mentioning products or other blogs or websites, and have free stuff sent to you to review.

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money on the side, since you’ll be writing on something you love.  It will be entertaining for you as you interact with your readers.  The money you’ll make will be a cherry on top.

So do a little research, find out what’s out there, and get started blogging for cash.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means getting a commission by selling a product using one of your websites.  You are an affiliate of the company that makes the product.  This is a really good example of passive income, because you aren’t really doing anything new, just taking the time to promote the product.  If the product sells well enough, you can get an amount of cash that is pretty amazing for the time and effort it takes.

Sometimes affiliate marketing can mean placing ads for a product on your website, meaning that the ad just sits there, and anytime it leads to a sale, you get paid.  It can also mean making mentions of the product in your blog posts from time to time, or otherwise giving the product or service some credit.  This isn’t really an online marketing campaign on the part of the company—or you—but just talking about products that you truly believe in, unless you choose to do things differently. 

It only makes sense, if you have a blog about skiing or jewelry making, that you refer to some kind of equipment for that activity that you truly enjoy.  You may as well make some extra income while doing it! 

Monetize YouTube Videos

Monetizing YouTube Videos means making money from your video productions, a great example of a passive income.  So many people click on YouTube videos that some people have been able to make their entire living this way.  Others have made modest or part-time cash, while others just like a little extra passive income.

All you need is a pretty good webcam or other video camera and just a little computer savvy to put videos up on YouTube.  If you have interesting, funny, or practical videos, you’ll be able to monetize them. 

You can make money by partnering with YouTube, sharing ad revenue; you can also sell your own products and merchandise, marketing them via YouTube.  Or, you can offer free content up to a point, which leads to content behind a paywall at your website.  There are many possibilities, and a savvy entrepreneur will develop her or his own variations. 

The great thing about making money with YouTube videos is that it takes no initial financial investment, and a relatively small investment of time.  If you are looking for a modest supplemental income, you can have it without working very hard.  If you want to make bundles of cash, you can get there with a larger investment of your time.

Freelance Websites

Freelance websites are there to help freelancers find work and make money online.  You don’t have to go it alone and create your own website if you want to work as a freelancer. 

Cyberspace offers several websites for freelancers, whether you’re looking for a full-time income or cash on the side.  These sites, such as Fiverr and UpWork, list hundreds of thousands of online jobs from thousands of clients.  They keep track of your billing and ensure you will get paid.  You wouldn’t want to do some freelance work online and not get paid for it, right?  These sites wouldn’t stay in business if they couldn’t guarantee security for the freelancers who find work through them. 

Many types of freelance work are available, from graphic design, to computer coding, to writing to photography.  In the future, more and more people will be working with freelance websites, using their high-speed internet connection to make all or most of their income.  The days of simply commuting to a physical workplace are quickly coming to their close.  It may be a good idea to become familiar with the various freelance websites and begin establishing a reputation on them.

Make Money on eBay

Making money on eBay is as easy as finding items to sell and using any computer with web access to make a great income.

It’s possible to make your living entirely from selling items on eBay with an internet connection and some determination.  Just set up an account, find items to sell, pick a reasonable price and go from there.  As your profits roll in, you can continue to develop more complex strategies. 

People often start with their own items and gain the right reputation for having good customer service and for being an experienced eBay seller.  They then might get products that fit within a particular hobby or interest or a particular niche.  Some people make money on eBay buying products from wholesalers or similar parties and selling them for a profit.

You can run your eBay enterprise just like any other business, using accounting software, keeping records, marketing, and being sure to give great customer service.  It is something you must attend to closely, but you will be rewarded by a good solid income.  Clearly, the more effort you put into it, the greater your riches will be.

Flip Domains For Profit

Flipping domains for profit is a unique and promising way to make money online.  You don’t need any information technology expertise, just an internet connection and some drive, to make money this way. 

When a business wants to buy a domain, such as or, they have to pay for a domain.  If you find a domain that is available at an affordable price, you can buy it.  Then, if something happens to make the value rise, you can flip it for a profit.  As you can see, this is a method of using the Internet to make money that doesn’t take a lot of effort.

You can go to various sites that list domains that are up for grabs.  There are also many tools that can help you find a potential buyer for your domain.  For one, you can go to sites like Flippa and list your domains for prospective buyers. 

You can list your domains with a description, and the description can give reasons to potential buyers to buy your domain.  It takes a bit of sales skill, and if you have it, you’ll do well, making thousands in a month or two flipping domains.

Make Money Trading Money

Making money trading money means buying a currency with a rising value using a currency with a falling value.  This is a great, yet not easy way for investors to make a pot of money from their own home, using the Internet.

Making money trading money is also known as FOREX (or foreign exchange) because it means exchanging currencies from nation to nation.  You take a currency like Japanese Yen, and buy something like U.S. dollars.  If you have some reason to believe that the value of dollars will soon rise, that means you’ll then have more buying power to get more currency, and so on.

This means that if you’re smart and if you act quickly, you can really make a bundle playing the market in this way.  People like it because it doesn’t depend on products, commodities, or companies. It’s just money for money.

There is very high liquidity in FOREX, meaning that you can get your fat wads of cash out at any time.  It is also available 24 hours a day, maximizing your convenience.  All-in-all, trading currency online is a very lucrative opportunity that anyone can pursue.

The bottom line

The World Wide Web is awash with a million ways to earn an online income. But to be a successful Internet entrepreneur, you must reach a point where you stop asking “how to make money online?” or “how to make money online without paying anything?”. Stop asking, start doing!

Now, get your computer wired to the Web and go online. You’ll do great!

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6 thoughts on “11 Ways to Make Money Online From Home

  • Gravy Train

    I would like to start a part-time work-at-home job selling ebooks from my place of residence. What’s the best advice you could give me to be successful?

    • Money

      Most importantly, don’t quit your day job. It takes most people 6 months to a year before they start seeing good or great results. Find a book(s) that are considered a necessity and ones that target the masses. The ebook should be affordable (priced between $5 to $8). Learn search engine optimization and build an attractive website. Most websites take a little while before they start ranking well in search engines. So it would be advisable to start promoting your book(s) from YouTube. Learn some marketing skills and you can make a ton of money from YouTube…I know I have!

      I don’t see why anyone cant make an extra 15k to 100K per year working online from home. I make much more than that selling ebooks online.

  • Cash Cow

    I embraced the Internet as a mode of communication in the virtual world at the very beginning of the digital era. It became a great benefit to me when I learned how to make money from it. Moreover, because of its interconnectivity, the Web serves as an enormous library of information where anyone can learn how to make money online. Unfortunately most people here in India don’t have good connectivity to high speed internet. Last year I net $58,000.00. That’s considered a small fortune here.

  • World Wide Web

    The Internet is a web of interconnected hyperlinked documents, more than just an information highway, but great place to make a million bucks.

  • Paisley Vorndran

    How much money have you made from the freelance website UpWork?

    • PayPerVids

      I have made a lot of money from Fiverr over the years as a freelancer. But that’s the only site I use as a freelancer. I use UpWork and FreeeUp when hiring freelancers. If you’re looking for an online job I’d recommend FreeeUp or Upwork. They have a much larger client base and usually pay more money.


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