Dodge Ram Won’t Start

Dodge Ram Wont Start

When a Dodge Ram pickup truck will not turn on and begin to run examine its symptom to determine the source of the problem. A no-start symptom can indicate the origin of the staring problem. No-start symptoms often include:

  • Engine Cranks But Does Not Start
  • Engine Will Not Crank
  • Intermittent No Crank

Be certain the battery is fully charged and it passes a load test. The engine will not start and begin to work if you have a low charged battery. Local auto part stores can test the battery free of charge.

Dodge Ram Will Not Start

1. Dead or weak battery.

2. Battery terminals corroded or loosely connected.

3. Bad starter.

4. Faulty ignition coil.

5.  Spark plugs incorrectly gapped.

6. Incorrect caming timing.

7. Fuel system contaminated with water or debris.

8. Failed fuel pump, bad relay or damaged wiring.

9. Defective camp position sensor, crank position sensor. 
1. Jump-start, charge or replace battery.

2. Clean battery terminals and tighten connections. Apply mineral grease to metal terminal posts.

3. Faulty starting circuit wiring, starter relay, starter solenoid or motor. Repair as necessary.

4. Check ignition coil resistance with ohmmeter. Replace if necessary.

5. Adjust spark plug gap to factory spec with feeler gauge tool.

6. Repair fault and set timing.

7. Clean fuel system and replace fuel filter.

8. Use a test light to trace fault and replace defective component.

9. When possible test each component and replace if needed.

Engine Cranks But Won’t Start

1. Low or insufficient cylinder compression.

2. No fuel.

3. Weak or no spark.
2. Check engine cylinder compression pressure.

2. Test fuel pressure, injector(s) and/or driver circuits.

3. Test ignition system; CKP sensor, spark plugs, ignition coil(s), etc.

Engine Will Not Crank

1. Weak or dead battery.

2. Seized accessory drive component.

3. Faulty starter motor or circuit.

4. Corroded or loosely connected battery/starter terminals.

5. Internal mechanical engine failure or hydrostatic lock.
1. Charge or change battery. Inspect charging system including alternator.

2. Remove serpentine belt and start engine. If engine activates and begins running, fine, repair or replace seized engine part.

3. Check starting system. Refer to free Dodge Ram download repair manual for correct diagnostic procedures.

4. Clean and tighten battery/starter terminals.

5. Refer to free Dodge Ram download repair manual.

There are instances were the Dodge Ram starts intermittently. In other words, the truck engine starts up at irregular intervals or occasionally turns on. It could even start momentarily and then stall. In situations like this check and test the fuel delivery system components.

Be certain there is sufficient fuel pressure otherwise the Dodge Ram won’t start. Make sure there isn’t a restricted fuel line. Check the fuel pump relay, and determine if the fuel pump inlet strainer has blockage. Use a test light to insure power is making it to the fuel pump. Lastly, test the fuel pump.

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