5 Real Ways to Make Money Online From Home

It pays big bucks to cast your financial net online from home, where genuine money-making opportunities abound. All you need to get started is a Web-enabled computer and Internet access.

Monetize your skills into the form of currency—whether by making money trading money or social networking—is one real way to earn a lot of money while working at your computer at home. But other genuine ways are also popping up, such as domain flipping or taking online surveys in the hope of profit.

The good part: You can begin to earn an online income without having to pay a penny. And with some of these Internet sites you can start to make money online straightaway. Most of these online jobs can provide a steady flow of cash and help to build your wealth. But others can generate a great deal of profit and make you rich.

To avoid scams, keep away from fraudulent websites with big promises of fame and fortune. Their only intent is to swindle you out of your hard earned money. Find out if the site is authentic or just another get-rich-quick scheme designed to steal your last dollar.

Time is money so pay attention to the clock. You want to maximize your online income without wasting precious time. Follow these 5 bona fide profit-making methods, and you’ll find the World Wide Web awash in hard cash.

1. Make Money Trading Money

Many experienced investors maximize their income with currency trading, or FOREX (foreign exchange) trading, which means making money trading money.

Currency trading is a simple and streamlined way of bringing in an additional income stream.  It is risky, but brings rewards.  It means spending the currency of one nation to “buy” the currency of another.  When the value of a currency is rising, you want to buy it with a currency whose value is falling.

Trading money in this way is attractive to investors for many reasons. First, it’s low-cost, with much lower fees than for standard trading.  Second, currency trading is done on a 24-hour cycle.  You can go online at any time and make a trade.  Third, trading money gives high liquidity—cash out any time you want to maximize your income.  Because the currency market is quite volatile, this liquidity is important.

Making money by trading currencies means not worrying about the value of a company’s stocks. It means a few, highly-focused decisions and fast action.  It isn’t easy or without risk, but it’s simple.  That makes it a viable and legitimate money-making opportunity for those with some start-up cash.

2. Social Networking

You don’t have to be a social butterfly or gifted wordsmith to use social networking to make money.  There are a wide variety of ways that social networking can lead to a nice income stream.

One of the most common ways people make money is through advertising—selling it on a blog or a YouTube channel, etc.  It can mean partnering with Google or similar companies who pay you small amounts each time someone clicks on your content.  Good engaging content that many people desire is all you need, and it can come be in the form of videos, funny or entertaining posts, photos: anything!

One can also promote products, which is often done via Instagram or via blogs.  This can be particularly lucrative, and can be a good boost to your income if you have a thriving social media life.

You can also use social media to promote your own products or services, such as crafts, books, professional services or consultation, coaching, or any products you have available.

The bottom line with making money through social networking is meeting a need. If you provide quality content of any kind, you will have an audience.  Where there’s and audience, there’s money.  It can be yours if you first develop a great social networking brand.

3. Domain Flipping

Savvy entrepreneurs are learning how to make money domain flipping, which is very similar to house flipping. It means buying a domain name at a low rate and then selling the domain for a profit.

If done properly, domain flipping is one of the Internet’s best money-making opportunities.  Entrepreneurs who get rich this way buy a reasonable number of domains, such as,, etc.  So if a business or organization comes along and would like to use that domain, they have to pay the person who owns it and is now flipping it.  Domains can sell for as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars each, though this is rare.

It is more common to make about a 100% profit on domain flipping, though each individual domain will sell for a different amount.  It is possible to lose money on a domain or to buy too many domains that don’t sell for a lucrative amount.

Being clever, getting a sense of which domains to buy and how to find buyers are all essential skills for people interested in domain flipping.  It is a relatively low-risk profit-maximizing opportunity that will get you rich if you’re interested in being patient and developing the right skills.

4. Online Surveys

Paid surveys give anyone an opportunity to make money online from home. Surveys on every imaginable topic are widely available, and usually quick and easy.

Fortunately for those seeking either cash or rewards, surveys are bundled together at various well-known websites.  These include, and, among others.  People interested in making some extra money this way often get to choose topics of interest to them.  Their honest opinions then go to advertisers and are used as valuable marketing information.

Naturally, it’s hard to get people to give information for free.  That is what makes filling out surveys an opportunity for a steady income.  The volume is very high, and people do get to fill out as many surveys as they have time for. The various companies do pay per survey. 

It is true that one’s money-making potential with surveys depends on his or her ability to fill out a large volume of them.  Most people look to surveys for a convenient supplemental income, either on the long or short term.

Sometimes people choose to earn discounts or coupons in exchange for their opinions.  We all have opinions—may as well get paid for them!

5. Virtual Assistant

New niches are always popping up, and virtual assistant is one of the hottest careers of the 21st century.  Many professionals are taking the opportunity to earn money from various employers online as virtual assistants. This means performing tasks for small or large companies, such as managing online calendars, setting appointments, finding freelancers for tasks, sending e-mails, etc.

Some virtual assistants complete more advanced tasks such as research or even report writing.  Most virtual assistants earn a great living from home by working with several clients at once.

Someone with a background in Excel, Word, Outlook, and a few other basic computer applications will be great at working as a virtual assistant.  Clear communications skills and a good sense of organization are key plusses.

Several websites like Fiverr and Upwork match virtual assistants with employers to allow administrative pros to maximize their income and employers to hire people only for the work they need, not the work they don’t.

Virtual assistants report that what they like most about their jobs is the variety and the ability to earn money from home, a library, or the local Internet cafe.

The Bottom Line

Yes! You can make money online from home. But to be the next Internet millionaire you cannot keep asking “how can I make money online from home?” or “how to make money online without paying anything?”. Stop asking, start doing.

There is no excuse for you to be low on funds. The Internet is the best paying job. You don’t even need home Internet service. You can connect to free WiFi at a local Internet cafe.

Now get your computer hooked up and go online. The World Wide Web awash in e-money.



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  • Jane

    I am handicap and confined to my house. Well, not confined, but it’s easier to work from my place of residence rather than traveling to and from a job. I’ve been involved in several work-at-home jobs and UpWork pays the best. I’ve managed to keep a roof over one’s head and provide some extra spending money for me and my family.

    • Steve White

      Congratulations Jane! UpWork is awesome. And on a side note, I spend a lot of money hiring people from UpWork.

  • Gravy Train

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    I earn a lot of money by helping new startups get connected to the internet; e.g. Web developer, Internet service provider, digital marketing, etc. I also help online companies setup complex computer networks to enable the organization to connect to the internet.

    Most of the money I make is made offline setting up the businesses computer network so they can get Internet access and start building an online presence. Believe it or not, I also earn good money online from Google with AdSense ads. Each time a visitor clicks on an ad, you get a cut. Using the Internet has enabled me to improve my personal finance and save for retirement.


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