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Make Money Selling Online Courses—Video Tutorial

It pays to put up for sale e-learning classes on the Internet, where moneymaking opportunities abound.

Monetize your expertise into the form of currency—whether by offering a series of lessons for sale on your website or Vimeo—is one way to make money selling electronic media on the Internet. But others are also popping up, such as selling video tutorials on eBay in exchange for money.

The good news: You don’t have to invest a dime. And in some cases, you can start to offer online courses for sale immediately. Follow these rules, and you’ll find that the business of selling courses online is awash in moneymaking opportunities.

What are online courses?

An online course, termed Web-delivered or Web-based course, are a series of lessons or lectures in a particular subject, intended for private study on the Internet. It’s an instructional course made available to the World Wide Web and accessible via computer. Online courses provide an account or explanation of a subject, typically taught by a tutor or person who has authoritative or comprehensive knowledge in a particular area.

Online courses are most often produced using a screencast, which is a digital video recording that captures the computer screen output. Screencasts are great for learners because it provides a student-centered and visually connecting learning experience. It’s also great for instructors who don’t want to broadcast their face to the World Wide Web.

Make money selling courses on your website

The growth of online education has become popular over the last decade, and subsequently, a wealth of web developers and programers have made great efforts to develop WordPress themes and plugins for individuals and businesses who want to sell online courses from a website.

Selling online courses from a website is also termed paid content or pay-to-watch videos. It’s an act of selling or attempting to sell a course of study in the hope of profit. And by the way, some webmasters are raking in thousands of dollars a month doing it.

There are two ways to sell online courses from a website; build a membership site or use a content restriction plugin. Building a membership site is a great way to make money online but not necessarily the best way to sell access to digital content. That’s because membership sites are built around recurring payments. And most learners don’t want to pay a monthly fee for online classes they’ve already learned.

A better way to make money selling online courses would be to use Easy Digital Downloads free plugin and their content restriction plugin extension. The Easy Digital Downloads plugin is available free of charge from the WordPress Plugin Directory but the content restriction extension cost a small fee of $29.

Easy Digital Downloads and content restriction plugin makes selling video tutorials or other forms of paid content on a website or blog simple and straightforward. It works by restricting the content on any webpage using a short code by way of the Content Restrict plugin. The content on the page can only be unlocked to paying customers.

Make money selling online courses using Vimeo

Vimeo is a video-sharing website similar to Youtube, where users can share, view or upload high-definition videos. You can make money selling online courses from it too.

Vimeo On Demand offers anyone the ability to make their courses available for purchase anytime or anywhere on the Net at a cost $200 per year (pro membership). The benefit of Vimeo is you don’t need a website to sell online courses—you can sell them directly on Vimeo.

If you want to sell online courses from your website, but don’t want pay Vimeo’s $200 pro subscription fee, you could always upload your courses to Youtube and make the videos private. Then embed the videos to any page on your website and use Easy Digital Downloads Content Restrict plugin to restrict access to non paying customers.

However, speaking from experience, I would suggest using Vimeo to host your online courses rather than Youtube. Because once a customer pays for access to a restricted page, they can steal the embed code, download the video, and sell the video as their own.

Make money selling courses on eBay

The word “online” is defined as; connected to the Internet or World Wide Web. And if you sell courses on eBay, it’s not technically considered an online course, but rather just a “course” being sold on eBay. Whatever you want to call it, never underestimate the profit-making potential of eBay.

eBay is more than just a place to buy goods, it’s a great place to sell video tutorials to make a boatload of money, or at least a steady income. Listen, not everyone searches the Internet for e-learning courses. A lot of people go straight to eBay in search of knowledge.

To sell your courses on eBay, transfer your educational curriculum to a CD or thumb drive. Just make sure to place a watermark and email address when producing the tutorial to prevent fraudsters from selling your work as their own.

In summary, selling online courses is a great way to earn some extra pocket change or a six figure income. But how much money you make will depend on the demand for the product and your ability to promote it effectively.

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