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Is Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) a Good Investment?

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) is considered a terrific long-term investment opportunity and probably one of the few cryptocurrencies that could generate profit in the face of a bear market or adverse economic conditions.

Hedera is a good investment because its technology is superior to all other cryptocurrency. Hedera Hashgraph presents itself as a faster and more secure alternative to blockchain, and its low bandwidth consumption makes it more environmentally friendly. It has been rumored that Hedera is working on the digital dollar with the Central Bank.

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It has been argued that Bitcoin, NFTs and other crypto fads are destroying our planet, and the crypto boom in general, do more harm than good when it comes to the climate. Scholars argue that Bitcoin emissions alone could help raise the Earth’s temperature by two degrees.

To make matters worse, president Joe Biden has promised his administration will focus on environmental justice. Thus, future legislative action could require companies operating on blockchain to pay high climate taxes on transactions.

Hedera Hashgraph could be the solution to cryptocurrencies biggest problems. It could realistically bring cryptocurrency mainstream and simultaneously save the planet. Maybe that is why fortune 500 companies like Google, Boeing and IBM reside on its governing council.

Hedera Hashgraph seems to have a far reaching vision, a well thought-out blueprint, and a shared commitment to long-term implementation. Remember, the greatest investors of all time have said “long-term is what yields maximum total return”.

Investing in Hedera HBAR is the action of investing money for profit.
Hedera's upward market trend

What is a good investment, anyway?

A good investment hinges on your capacity to bear a risk while marching towards a targeted financial goal. At its extent, the goal of any investment is to generate profit while navigating through the maze of financial and reputational risk. This makes the concept of ‘good investment’ rather contingent; on any individual’s forbearance with the level of risk and permissible fortuity. Hence it becomes important to take cognizance of all factors before investing your money in any project or proposal.

Regardless of form and factor, a good investment returns profit all the while steering through risk domains. Any good investment must conceptualize from a sound financial plan. This necessitates a carefully calculated financial goal, a meticulously computed investing budget and sensible forecasting in lieu of assets’ value. Apart from an asset’s growth potential, it is pertinent to adduce its leverage within your overall investment portfolio. If, for example, you are extracting a respectable profit from cryptocurrency, it may be prudent to balance the risk of investing in cryptocurrency by investing in real estate or government-issued bonds. Since regulatory proscription represent the inherent risk of investing in cryptocurrency, it bodes well to diversify your investment portfolio with choosing other sectors and industries.

A diversified investment portfolio is more likely to stand the test of regulatory impositions, financial meltdowns and market dynamics. In fact, portfolio diversity has become a touchstone for success within the investors’ circle. Not only it abates the blow of risk but also provides a breather when times are tough.

Ultimately, the goal of any investment is to secure a kosher financial standing. This is only possible if you have considered all the factors that influence an investment. Among many instruments of evaluation, a company’s business and financial plan is the foremost document to study intently. These can reveal a lot about a company or product’s market reputation and its ability to weather the storm of financial uncertainty. Other factors include the macro-economic environment of your intended investment sector, the demand and supply exploits and the eventual cost of ownership.

Once you have accounted for these mitigating circumstances and eventualities, you job is only half done. Don’t forget that committing to an investment is a human activity and like all human activities, it is prone to frailty and foible. Keep a keen eye on the psychological peculiarities of the market and don’t fall for offers that promise too much on too little. Any investment that you desire to make and profit from is limited by unseen factors. It is imperative to infer those limitations before embarking on an investment frenzy.

All told, a good investment is marked by longevity of returns rather than its apparent profitability. The hallmark of a good investor is to appreciate the total sphere of an investment before committing his/her money to it. A minor oversight can bring untold privations, and on the other hand, a pinch of prudence can turn wonders for you in the investment market.

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