Google Innovations and Future Technology

Google is one of the largest corporations in the world that is among leaders of innovations in the world. Google e creates computers software’s that are used in a variety of applications such as Google search, Google earth, Google map, mobile phone software, Gmail and computer cars that drive independently as human drivers rides. Google has done a lot of innovations since computer systems come into being. This article provides elaborate information about Google innovations and the way computer systems have helped Google innovations as well as the future of technology and innovation in electronics world.

Google Innovation Leadership

Google is the leader in internet application usage and has brought about so many changes in recent years due to development of computer systems. With the invention of microchips and development of smart phones, Google has been able to develop software that can be incorporated in mobile phones to help in internet access. This development / innovation have proved to be one of the biggest in internet applications technology. Introduction of new web-based e-mail service Gmail in Germany and UK to unveiled G1 mobile phone was a great achievement. Following Google mission of organizing the world’s information and making it universally available and useful, a lot has been achieved in the field of information spreading over the internet (Sher, 2012).  

By 2017 Google had developed and innovated a lot of, software and products that help in making the world information available and useful.  For instance online productivity software like email and office suite and social networking are the works of innovation, which have changed the world technologically in terms of flow of information universally.

Most recent  innovations are attributed to development of computer systems  for instance Google applications extend to desktop as well as applications  for web browsing,  messaging  instantly and photo organization and editing, the  development and innovations of smart phones or computers such as palmtops, laptops etc., made Google to think on how to develop software that will suite such electronic devises. As a result more innovation have led to the  development of  Google search engine and other  computer applications that support web browsing like Internet explorer and Mozilla (Sher, 2012).  

Without forgetting  mobile  phone technology Google is the leader in the development of mobile phone software android mobile operating system and Google chrome OS browser- only operating system which is used by net-books especially Chrome-books (Motevalli, 2010).

Google innovations have changed the world especially through Internet. Technological advancement has enabled people to use powerful devices that are connected to fast networks and servers with a lot of information/ content. the innovation of an application that runs on mobile phones and using GPS to tell you where you are, reminding you of your friend’s birth days, telling you when you are near your friends and warning you of the impending dangers  and updating you always. This innovation makes use of all the computing power in the world. Google attributes such an innovation to the rapid growth of the computing systems in the world today.

The new devices using Google software applications help you to decide what to buy when you visit at the store, helps you learn a lot when you go to school because the device knows more than you do. The device is dependent on infinite computing power, network power and the next computing generation is the basis of such powerful devices (Motevalli, 2010). Google innovation occurs not only in its products but also in the management operations. Google being worldwide corporation maintenance and operations of its systems need well organized management operations. Google has never been lead by a single CEO but it has been led by a group of managers who gave it immense strategic and management strength.

The innovation of Google books has helped bring millions of books content online. This innovation was one of the craziest that Google attempted to undertake. It began gradually with the assistance of computing systems and scanners and now there are over 10 million books online. Also Adsense, which delivers contextual ads to the website, was an invention began by one Google engineer when he put ads on Gmail. This innovation has developed nowadays to be used by over 80% of the Internet users (Helft, Miguel 2010). Some of the Google innovations occurred as a result of the needs of the workers. For instance, Google talk or Gmail chat client was developed when Google talk and Google translate teams were working near one another. This innovation has revolutiontised the world communication. People can communicate with friends when separated by large distances or separated by walls.

The development of software that enables individuals or provides the platform for communicating using Google talk is as a result of computer systems innovation and development. Further, improvement and growth of the computer world will enhance Google inovations in a number of ways up to including development of gadgets or products that support some computer applications to help make the world information available and useful (Motevalli, 2010).

The invention of YouTube and many other social sites by Google was accompanied by development of computing systems.  Google applications especially software development for computers and mobile phones is the major innovations that will change the future of technology and information availability and usefulness. Google innovations are strongly linked with major computer system developments and innovations (Helft, Miguel 2010).


Google innovations as seen from above have been occurring as a result of computer systems growth. The development of electronic devices like mobile phones whose functionality goes hand in hand with software development has also enabled Google to innovate operating systems to enable such devices to function properly. Android software has changed the mobile phone world and has made it possible for many applications to be included in the phone which were initially not possible.  With continual increase in computers innovations and growth a lot of innovations will be witnessed by Google.


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