Download Yamaha 60hp (60hp) Repair Manual

The Yamaha 60hp outboard repair Manual is a guide which assists in the performance of repair and maintenance of a boat with an outboard motor. It contains step-by-step processes with detailed photographs and instructions on how to enable owners to get familiar with the workings of the outboard motor and repair with ease. The manual also contains instructions on how owners can perform this operations safely. Yamaha 60 hp outboard motors must be in the excellent condition for perfect working of the boat and these manuals ensures that even the naive boat owners have the directions to properly fix and maintain them. Most owners that have the zeal for working on their boat rely on trusted repair handbooks when it comes to the maintenance of their boat engine. Whether it is regular maintenance or troubleshooting, the outboard Repair Manual gives all levels of service and repair information a boat owner may need.

Download Yamaha 60hp Service Manual 2005 2006 2004 2003

The information in the Yamaha 60 horsepower handbook consists of explanation of the different parts that make up the engine and how they are connected. This information can be used for regular maintenance and repair that allows owners with little knowledge about mechanics to work on the boat with confidence. The manual describes the most common cause of breakdown and troubleshooting instructions to allow diagnosis and fixing of these problems by simple procedures such as listening for noises, checking the cooling system, checking the fuel system, scheduled maintenance and other hands-on tasks. It’s possible to download an outboard repair manual straight to your computer in seconds.

It is an indispensable tool in the toolkit as it provides the instructions to carry out the operation of maintenance and repair. This instructional book includes the following details:

  • Initial set up – The handbook provides information on how to initially set up a particular outboard model.
  • Systems – Information about how fundamental elements in the outboard operates.
  • Technical attributes – Technical data about the capacities of the components.
  • Maintenance & Care – The manual outlines how often to change parts and how to properly clean the engine.
  • Tips & Guidance – The handbook includes valuable advice for better operating practices and ideas to troubleshoot common issues.
  • Warranty – This section contains the engine’s warranty information which can be helpful when there is a need for replacement/repair.

How an Outboard Repair Manual can be helpful to a Boat Owner

It is important that owners be familiar with their boat engine as much as possible because it enables ease of working on it. Safety is fundamental in the operation and performance of this technical services and an outboard repair manual also ensures this. The manual provides a knowledge overview of the outboard motor using specifications, wiring illustrations, diagnostic details, and other useful information. The handbook decreases the frequency of repair by scheduled maintenance. It also provides the owner with knowledge from understanding the workings of the engine. The manual also provide tips on driving improvement. Some of the other benefits of having an Yamaha 60hp outboard service manual include the following:

1. Help the owner cut cost

The cost of seeking the services of a mechanic is reduced drastically as proper maintenance and the performance of simple, frequent engine problems can be easily carried out. The aim of the manual is to make easy the performance of these procedures.

2. Reduces waiting time

The time associated with seeking the help of a mechanic is reduced. The distance of the mechanic to the boat and also how busy the mechanic is contributes to the waiting time.

3. Helps in case of an unexpected mechanical failure

Apart from the repair manual decreasing the risk of an unexpected mechanical failure through maintenance of an outboard motor it also helps to repair in case this happens unexpectedly.

4. Creates a sense of fulfillment.

Working on an engine with ease can be interesting and can give a feeling of purpose to the owner.

There are four different types of Yamaha 60 hp repair manuals but all are similar in nature. The article discusses the difference between them.

Factory Service Manuals (FSM)

Factory service manual is produced by the same company responsible for building the outboard motor therefore there is an added advantage of specificity. However, the factory manuals do not possess detailed explanation when compared to repair manuals and workshop manuals. Some procedures might be difficult to keep up with due to the level of sophistication it possesses. For owners with little knowledge on mechanics a repair manual or workshop manual is a better choice. Like the repair manual or workshop books, a factory manual covers complete teardown and re-assembly procedures but a little less detailed. Factory service manuals have the advantage of being popular and can easily be downloaded from the Internet in pdf format in seconds. They are also very cheap.

It can be used to fix, maintain or completely overhaul the entire motor. It contains all the pictures, illustrations, diagrams you need to complete the repair job successfully. A 60 Yamaha service manual covers every aspect of repair. This is the same manual the mechanics use for repair and were initially not accessible to the public.

Repair Manuals

These types of manuals are usually not downloadable and must be special ordered online. They are also expensive. An outboard repair manual covers everything from basic maintenance to complete engine teardown and everything in between. Every manual includes information such as general Information, safety and tools, maintenance and tune-up, fuel system, ignition and electrical, cooling and lubrication, powerhead, lower unit, trim and tilt, remote control, hand rewind starter, troubleshooting guide, master Index, and much more. The outboard repair manual are bulky and encompass about 1000 pages.

Owner’s Workshop Manual    

Outboard workshop manuals are the most common type of manuals. While they don’t cover as many 2-stroke and 4-stroke models, these types of books offer several benefits over the competition. While workshop manuals aren’t as big as repair manuals, they make up for it with a combination of excellent photography and an easy to follow manner. In addition, workshop manuals also produces a short write-up of each engine in the opening pages of the book which provides an entertaining education for owners. Finally, workshop manuals have a useful troubleshooting section that helps even a novice diagnose mechanical woes.

Owner’s Manual

It is a small manual book that contains information on how to operate and control the equipment. It is a user instructional manual or guide. The manual usually follows the purchase of an outboard motor. The main areas detailed include schedule and a regular maintenance description, location of all controls, specifications like fluid capacities, fuel type, and replacement circuits.

Downloadable Manuals Available

The manuals listed for the following models can be downloaded instantly. Click on the image link above to download a manual now. Some of the manual LIT #s apply to 2-stroke and four-stroke. 

1995 E60MLT LIT-18616-01-29
1995 P60TLHT LIT-18616-01-25
1996 E60MLHU LIT-18616-01-29
1996 P60TLHU LIT-18616-01-39
1996 C60TLRU LIT-18616-01-39
1997 C60TLRV LIT-18616-01-69
1997 E60MLHV LIT-18616-01-29
1997 P60TLHV LIT-18616-01-69
1998 C60TLRW LIT-18616-01-82
1998 E60MLHW LIT-18616-01-29
1998 P60TLHW LIT-18616-01-82
1999 C60TLRX LIT-18616-02-05
1999 E60MLHX LIT-18616-01-29
1999 P60TLHX LIT-18616-02-05
2000 E60TLRY LIT-18616-02-05
2000 E60MLHY LIT-18616-01-29
2001 60TLRZ LIT-18616-02-05
2001 C60TLRZ LIT-18616-02-05
2002 60TLRA LIT-18616-02-05
2002 F60TLRA LIT-18616-02-33
2003 60TLRB MULTI-LIT #s
2004 F60TLRC LIT-18616-JD-60
2004 F60TLRC LIT-18616-FT-60
2004 T60TLRC LIT-18616-FT-60
2005 60TLRD LIT-18616-02-66
2005 F60TJRD LIT-18619-JD-61
2005 F60TLRD LIT-18616-02-85
2006 60 4-STROKE  
2006 60 2-STROKE  
2007 60 4-STROKE  
2007 60 2-STROKE
2008 F60TJR LIT-18616-JD-61
2008 F60TLR LIT-18616-02-85
2008 T60TLRC LIT-18616-02-85
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