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Download Yamaha Moto-4 200 225 350 Repair Manual

A Yamaha Moto-4 200 225 350 ATV Repair Manual will be your go-to guide for anything that can and will go wrong throughout your all terrain vehicle’s life. 

Like any vehicle, your Yamaha Moto-4 will need regular maintenance and is prone to the same kinds of wear and tear as a car or truck (and then some!) and a repair manual will guide you through anything from cylinder compression checks to engine overhaul, to drive chain adjustments.  They should even include a schedule of when to do routine maintenance to keep your four-wheeler in prime condition.

Though a Yamaha Moto-4 has a lot of elements in common with your every day vehicle, it may not be serviceable in the same way.  The braking, steering, and power transmission mechanisms may be very different from what you are used to seeing or working with in a road vehicle.  A repair manual will give you the necessary knowledge to understand your off-roader and confidently perform your own repairs.

Yamaha Moto 4 Service Manual 200 225 350 cc Pdf

If you are considering purchasing a repair manual, you may be considering a factory service manual, an after market repair manual, or an owner’s workshop, each of which are designed with a slightly different audience in mind.

Yamaha Moto-4 factory service manuals are put out for the expressed use of licensed dealerships and repair shops associated with the maker of your vehicle.  They are produced by the manufacturer of the vehicle.  The information provided can therefore assume a certain level of knowledge to understand and interpret the instructions. They can be downloaded online in Pdf format.

Yamaha Moto-4 workshop manuals, on the other hand, are written by a third party with specialized knowledge.  Certain publishers produce workshop manuals for many different makes and models of recreational vehicles, and have an accepted standard of quality, detail, and usability. 

These manuals can cover everything from oil changes, to troubleshooting, to upgrades and full rebuilds. They will include information for maintenance and repair of the following:

  • Engine
  • Clutch/gear shifting and transmission
  • Fuel and exhaust systems
  • Wiring diagrams for the electrical system
  • Tires
  • Drive chain
  • Air filter
  • Spark plugs
  • Cooling system
  • Axles and suspension
  • Brakes
  • Frame/body
  • Troubleshooting

Your Yamaha Moto-4 all-terrain vehicle represents a significant investment, and to protect that investment you need to be on top of the service needs of your vehicle.  Yamaha vehicles tend to be subject to a lot of rough wear and tear that you may not anticipate with a road vehicle. They also tend to take us to remote places off the beaten path of passersby.  It is therefore important to keep your vehicle in its best possible condition to minimize the chance of getting stranded.  Likewise, if you have the tools to troubleshoot any issues with your vehicle, you have a better chance of getting yourself out of trouble without getting other vehicles involved, which could get very pricey if you cannot tow yourself out.  Riding an Yamaha Moto-4 can be exhilarating and rewarding, and knowing how to take care of it will make your experience all the more positive.

Moto-4 Factory Repair Manuals

1984 YFM200 Moto-4 LIT-11616-YF-20
1985 YFM200 Moto-4 LIT-11616-YF-20
1985 YFM225 Moto-4 LIT-11616-04-83
1986 YFM200DXS Moto-4 LIT-11616-YF-20
1986 YFM225S Moto-4 LIT-11616-04-83
1987 YFM200DXT Moto-4 Shaft Reverse LIT-11616-YF-20
1987 YFM225T Moto-4 Shaft Reverse LIT-11616-04-83
1987 YFM350ERT Moto-4 LIT-11616-07-01
1988 YFM200DXU Moto-4 Shaft Reverse LIT-11616-YF-20
1988 YFM225U Moto-4 Shaft Reverse LIT-11616-04-83
1988 YFM350ERU Moto-4 LIT-11616-06-44
1989 YFM250W Moto-4 LIT-11616-06-62
1989 YFM350ERW Moto-4 LIT-11616-07-01
1990 YFM250A Moto-4 LIT-11616-YF-25
1990 YFM350ERA Moto-4 LIT-11616-07-01
1991 YFM250 B Moto-4 LIT-11616-YF-25
1992 YFM350 D Moto-4 LIT-11616-07-51
1992 YFM 350 ERD Moto-4 LIT-11616-07-51
1993 YFM350ERE Moto-4 LIT-11616-07-51
1995 YFM350ERG Moto-4 LIT-11616-07-51


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