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DOWNLOAD Yamaha 115hp (115 hp) Repair Manual

A downloadable Yamaha 115hp outboard motor repair manual, termed service manual, owner’s manual or workshop manual, is a digitally transmitted book of repair instructions. The Yamaha 115 horsepower digital manual covers every aspect of maintenance, overhaul and repair.

If you enjoy spending your weekends boating out on the water, you know that if you don’t take care of your Yamaha 115hp outboard motor and perform regular maintenance, the fun you’re having can end quickly if something goes wrong or happens to break.

Yamaha 115hp Online Repair Manual Pdf

For many people, the best way to know how to take care of your Yamaha 115hp outboard engine is having the right tools on hand and doing it themselves. One of the most important tools you can have for any kind of repair or regular maintenance is by using a Yamaha 115hp repair manual.

A Yamaha 115hp repair manual is an instruction booklet that breaks down the different parts of your outboard motor and how to repair any issues or perform preventative maintenance to keep your outboard motor in working order and keeping the fun from stopping.

There can be many different repair manuals available for your Yamaha 115hp, but they can be broken down into four different options:

Yamaha Owners Manual

The Yamaha 115hp owner’s manual is exactly what it sounds like, and if you’ve ever owned a car, you’d be familiar with this type of manual. Provided to you when you buy the outboard motor, it goes over the different parts of your engine. This information can include how to perform regular maintenance or when your boat engine should be looked at by a trained mechanic, the location of the controls and what they do as well as the type and amount of fuel and oil the outboard uses and can contain a diagram of circuits in case they need to be replaced.

Owners Workshop Manual

These types of manuals are a bit more advanced than a regular owner’s manual. Sometimes referred to as a shop manual, these manuals are authored by licensed mechanics in order to provide a do-it-yourself mechanic a step by step guide to repairing an issue with their outboard motor without having access to some of the professional tools that mechanics use.

These manuals provide an in-depth look at the Yamaha 115 horsepower motor, putting the focus on the maintenance and repair of the outboard as a whole, giving complete instructions to disassemble and reassemble the engine back to factory specifications. The benefit of this type of manual is that they provide you with photos and illustrations of the Yamaha motor stripped down so you can see how the engine goes back together.

Factory Service Manual

A Yamaha 115hp factory service manual is an in-depth look at your outboard motor. These were originally only available to repair shop mechanics that had been approved as well as dealership mechanics because it was felt that only these types of repairmen were the ones who were best suited to fix the issues and the products for the particular manufacturer of your outboard.

A Yamaha service manual covers much more than an owner’s manual or owner’s repair manual would. These types of repair manuals cover topics such as service specifications, the engine, the electrical and ignition systems, the fuel system, the lower unit as well as the powerhead, mid-unit, and much more. It is created to be an encyclopedia for your Yamaha outboard.

Yamaha 115hp Repair Manual

A Yamaha 115hp repair manual is the type of manual that many Yamaha outboard owners are the most familiar with. These are typically described as an after-market manual and can be more specific with the information in the manual than a Factory Service Manual.

The information in these types of manuals isn’t overly technical so that not only professional repair mechanics can use them while doing repairs, but DIY mechanics at home can repair their Yamaha 115 hp motor as well. Repair manuals tend to provide information about the wiring system with colored diagrams, specifications on upgrading your engine, the break down and reassembly of your engine as well as an expanded troubleshooting guide.

How Does a Repair Manual Benefit Me?

A Yamaha 115hp repair manual is like a roadmap for your boat motor. Your outboard has a lot of parts to it and without a repair manual, if you or a service technician don’t know what you’re doing, a simple issue can become a bigger issue pretty quickly.

The guides also give you information on what you can do so that your Yamaha 115 motor is running at its very best so each time you take it out, you know that you can get the most fun out of your boating trip. Between scheduled and routine maintenance, a repair manual helps keep the fun going as both you and a repair mechanic can have the information to keep your Yamaha 115hp moving forward, and not parked at the dock.

115hp Manuals Available for Download

1995 C115TLRT 1995 C115 TXRT 1995 P115TLRT 1996 115 TJRU
1996 115TLRU 1996 C115 TLRU 1996 C115TXRU 1996 P115TLRU
1996 S115 TXRU 1996 S115TLRU 1997 115 TJRV 1997 115TLRV
1997 C115TLRV 1997 C115TXRV 1997 S115TLRV 1997 S115TXRV
1998 115TJRW 1998 115 TLRW 1998 B115 TLRW 1998 C115TLRW
1998 C115TXRW 1998 S115TLRW 1998 S115TXRW 1999 115 TJRX
1999 B115TLRX 1999 C115TLRX 1999 C115TXRX 1999 S115TLRX
1999 S115 TXRX 2000 115 TRY 2000 LF115TXRY 2001 115 TLRZ
2001 115TXRZ 2001 F115 TJRZ 2001 F115TLRZ 2001 F115TXRZ
2001 LF115TXRZ 2002 115TLRA 2002 115 TXRA 2002 F115TJRA
2002 F115TLRA 2002 F115TXRA 2002 LF115TXRA 2003 115TLRB
2003 115 TLRB 2002 115TXRB 2003 F115 TJRB 2003 F 115 TLRB
2003 F115TXRB 2003 LF115TXRB 2004 115TLRC 2004 115TXRC
2004 F115TJRC 2004 F115TJRC 2004 F115TXRC 2004 LF115TXRC
2005 115TYLR 2005 115 TLRD 2005 115TXRD 2005 F115TJRD
2005 F115TLRD 2005 F115TXRD 2005 LF115TXRD 2006 150 hp VMAX
2006 115hp Four Stroke 2006 F115 4-Stroke EFI 2006 115hp 2-Stroke 2007 F115TXR FourStroke
2007 F115 TXR 2007 115 Saltwater Series 2007 115 hp V-4 2007 115 hp V4 2-Stroke
2008 115TLR 2008 115 TLR 2008 F115TJR 2008 F115TLR
2008 F115TXR 2008 LF115TXR 2009 Yamaha 115 hp 2009 F115TXR Four Stroke
2009 115 CETOL 2009 115hp 4-Stroke 2010 115 hp Salt Water Series 2010 115 4-Stroke
2016 SHO VMAX 115hp 2017 Yamaha SHO VMAX 2018 VMAX SHO


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  • Daley Lindler

    I left my 2002 Yamaha F115 parked with motor raised. When I tried to lower it, It won’t lower or start. I hear a muted buzz when I operate the raise/lower switch.


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