Download Evinrude 40hp Repair Manual

Evinrude 40hp Repair Manual

Outboard motors are relatively simple pieces of engines mounted on boats and other equipment. Owing to their rustic engineering they are notoriously unreliable but relatively easier to repair. Evinrude, however, is a trusted brand in outboarding motor manufacturing. Evinrude produces motors of varied engine powers and specs, offering customers with a wide choice of equipping their boats.

Evinrude’s basic offering in marine motoring is a 52cc, dual cylinder engine that produces nearly 40 horses of thrust at 6000RPM. Evinrude’s 40 hp motor comes mainly in 20 inches of shaft but one model, sports a 22.5 inch propeller shaft. The starting mechanisms vary between remote/electric and tiller/rope. Evinrude 40hp is a reliable motor, but you never know when these things could go wrong.

For purposes of explaining Evinrude 40hp engine specifications, mechanisms and management systems, a repair manual is published. The Evinrude 40hp Repair Manual is available in e-print and can be downloaded for free in PDF.

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The manual is written mainly for factory-trained technicians who possess a previous knowledge of Evinrude Johnson Special Tools. The manual contains clear instructions on repair and maintenance of outboard motors and can also be used as a reference material. The manual starts by clearly explaining the safety requirements and instructions for optimal operation of the motor. Symbols and signs for safety issues are explained in detail. The manual has a chart of abbreviations used which makes repair easier for qualified technicians.

Evinrude 40hp Repair Manual has a service spec chart which details every mechanism of the motor from engine, fuel, electrical, cooling, ignition, gearcase and different power trims in the whole series. These mechanisms refer to Evinrude Johnson Special Tools that are used in repair and service of Evinrude 40hp outboard motor. The tools encompass diagnostics, universal, electrical/ignition, powerhead, gearcase, trim and tilt and other manual service tools and aids. The Evinrude 40hp Repair Manual has pictures and diagrams of these tools with coded information for replacements.

The Evinrude 40hp Repair Manual contains installation and predelivery details which expose operational mechanisms of the motor in zoomed pictures. From outboard rigging to fuel priming and pre-starting and running checks, Evinrude 40hp Repair Manual has everything that can help in servicing of Evinrude 40hp motor. The Manual covers aspects on maintenance, engine service protocols, engine management module, electrical and ignition, fuel systems, oiling systems, cooling system, powerhead, midsections, trim and tilt, manual starter and safety. For quick scanning of required information, there is an index of topics at the end of the manual.

All these details make Evinrude 40hp Repair Manual a bulky treatise. For convenience, the Repair Manuals can be easily download in PDF and used interactively from smartphones.

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