Corporate Greed Threatens to End Net Neutrality

Net neutrality. More than 87% of Americans agree that the Internet must remain free of corporate greed! Watch the video and share this page. Don’t let the Internet die on December 14th.

FCC Chairman Announces Plan to Roll Back Net Neutrality Regulations

Big corporations like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T claim government regulations stifle innovation, small business and prevent a true free-market. Yet these big corporations often lobby for more government regulation in their own industry so as to dominate competition and grow their monopoly. Therefore a true free-market cannot exist because the “free-market” is actually structured for the rich. You can’t have a free-market if it’s already rigged.

Corporate money plays a shadowy role in politics. In reality, corporations own 90 percent of our government. Despite that, the corporate world blames the government for a failing economy. They constantly make that statement to encourage voters to vote-out those that control the last 10 percent so as to achieve a corporate takeover of America. This ensures the protection of their monopoly.

So don’t be fooled when companies like Verizon claim the government is hurting the economy because in reality they control the majority of government. When Verizon, Comcast and others abolish net neutrality they will effectively own the government.

We must stop the corporate takeover of the Internet. The consequences could be disastrous.

😀 Scheduled protest December 7th, event map of all major cities:

👿 Here is a list of congress people that sold your internet rights to ISP’s:
If your representative is on the list contact them by every means possible and let them know if they don’t vote to keep it you WILL not vote for them come election time.

 👿 Find out if your identity was illegally used to vote for repeal by FCC:
After being caught red handed they started deleting the comments they created fraudulently, so your name might have been on the list before but not now. Comment if your name is still in there.

 👿 The FCC committed fraud with public comments to mislead people:

 👿 Comcast wavering on Net Neutrality pledge, lying to the public:

 👿 Proof of Ajit Pai (FCC Chairman) conflict of interest:

 👿 FCC contacts so you can voice your concerns:

 👿 Contact your ISP and let them know your fighting publicly:
Comcast – @Comcast on Twitter
Charter – @CharterGov on Twitter
AT&T – @ATT on Twitter
Verizon – @Verizon on Twitter

 👿 Publicly and privately tell Ajit Pai his conflict of interest is bad:
@AjitPi on Twitter

 👿 Tell Donald Trump you won’t vote him a 2nd term if he keeps this up:
@realDonaldTrump – His personal Twitter
@Potus – Official presidential Twitter
@Whitehouse – White House staff Twitter

 👿 John Oliver on Net Neutrality (Very Good):

 👿 Easy way to send comments to the FCC:

 👿 Audio recordings of what Verizon is planning when Net Neutrality is gone:

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