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How to Write an Article Google Loves

How to Write an Article Google Loves

To compose a piece of writing the search engine Google will like very much you will need to write an essay that perfectly defines the article’s title. If the name of an article is ‘how to write an article Google loves’, then you must mark down coherent words that describe exactly the meaning of each word in that title. Once you complete the written report you will need to submit the write-up to Google’s search engine to be considered for publication. If you get it right, and  you explain the article in a way that Google enjoys very much, it will rank the item first in its database where it will get a great deal of organic traffic.

How does Google work?

To make Google have a liking for an article, you need to know how the search engine works. A search engine is a computer program that searches for a word or search phrase in its database that match or agree almost exactly to keywords a user types into Google’s search box. When Google receives a persons search query it will fetch the web document from its index based on the semantic clusters they are associated with. As an example, the phrase ‘write an article’ is defined as ‘compose a piece of writing’ in the Oxford Dictionary. Google uses the Oxford English Dictionary to understand the meaning of  words. 


To further explain, the word ‘write’ can have many different definitions. So Google analyzes the words that surround that text to help understand what is meant by the word. The word ‘write’ can mean ‘enter data into a specified location in a store or storage medium’. It can also be the action of writing and sending a letter to someone. Since a word can have many meanings, Google hunts for synonyms or words closely associated with a particular idea. In the context of this article, the most similar word to the word ‘write’ is the word ‘compose’. The most similar word to ‘article’ is ‘piece’ of writing or essay.


The phrase ‘write an article’ has significant meaning. That’s because the word ‘article’ can be intended to communicate many different thoughts or suggestions, such as a particular item or object or a separate clause or paragraph of a legal document. But when the word 'write' is in close proximity to the word article, it could imply the action of writing an essay, report or other piece of writing that will be included with others in a newspaper, online journal or other publication. That aside, what is love according to Google?


Can Google have fondness or intense feeling of deep affection toward anything?  Absolutely not! But it can certainly have a particular liking in favor of one article over another based on the similarity between an article and its relationship to words in the article’s title. So far, throughout this article, we’ve been defining the article’s title throughout this entire write-up. Just Google the meaning of love. We’ve included slightly modified definitions of the word love and their synonyms, such as the words fondness, liking or enjoy very much. However, we’ve avoided words like intimacy because that would signify a deep romantic attachment, and that has no relevance to this article’s headline. 

How or How-to?

Having said that, can you or should you define the word ‘how’ if it’s in the article’s title? Well, if you want Google to love your article you should. But should it be how or how-to? After all ‘how-to' indicates a practical method or instruction procedures for a particular activity.  It can also mean the how-tos of writing an article Google loves. Although, how-to has no synonyms, only a definition. Where as the word how is defined as; in what way or manner, the way in which or by what means. Synonyms of how include; according to what, by what method or to what degree. So yes, it would probably be a good idea to define the word how if it’s in a title at the head of a page.

In summary, if you want Google to love your article, and subsequently, have it ranked at the top of the list of organic results returned by the search engine. You should carefully compose the piece of writing in a way that it will be partial to. And the only way to do that is by defining the article’s title the best you can. But be warned, optimizing your content for a search engine only won’t get you any love from your readers. You must also write an article your readers will enjoy greatly. After all, they are the ones that will share a link to it on other websites. Large quantities of inbound links tells Google that users take great pleasure in your website and that will force Google to love it too.

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