Future Research – Motivated and Determined

When carrying out any research it is important to obtain relevant information that can be used for other future research in the same study area. This the same with research in motivation that has great contribution not only to future research but also to social change. The information covered in the study of motivation supports the idea of moral ethics and adopting code of conduct in work places and in the society. Therefore, any motivation measures adopted should be ethical and within the designated code of conduct (APA, 2011).

It is the motivation for doing something that makes one to do it. People are motivated by different things to do what they want to do. In most cases due to motivation people are encouraged to do better things and improve on their current status.  For example in workplaces, highly motivated employees will work hard to improve on their performance and that of the organization. Poor performance in most cases is attributed to lack of motivation. If the idea of motivation is adopted by many employers in the society then there will be change in how employees are perceived in work places (APA, 2011).

Future research will be interested to find out the best ways in which motivation should be carried out to realize positive results and to improve moral ethics in the society. In psychology if one is motivated by something and especially an emotion, it makes him/her to behave in a particular manner.  In this study it has been explained that the aim of motivation should be to improve on the existing situation. Money in most cases is used to motivate people, but psychologically, this is not encouraged because instead of improving the situation it may worsen it in the long run. Future research in this topic will have to find out why this is the case, and what the employers or the relevant individuals should use for motivation to observe moral ethics (George, 2010).

If people are motivated to do something, they are made to feel determined to do it. This means that a positive change will be obtained in the society is the members are motivated to undertake activities that are socially accepted (George, 2010). The task for future researchers is to identify these socially accepted activities that can bring about social change.



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