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How to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments With WordPress?

How to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments With WordPress?

WordPress, since its launch in 2003, has taken over the content management and webpage development by storm. With a wide medley of templates, in-built solutions, parsing and allowance for permalinks, WordPress has everything in its armor to purvey the needs and desires of web content creators and managers to e-businesses and beyond. To top all that, WordPress is highly adaptable. Its architecture allows for smooth transition into future extremities and exigencies.

One evidence to this fact is its capability to integrate cutting-edge financial management solutions. WordPress, through its plugin integration facility, affirms users and visitors to make payments in cryptocurrencies. Crypto is the name of the game in contemporary computing and expected to push the envelope even further in the future. When two congruous digital doodads marry, one is left cockeyed by the colossal impact on fecundity and functionality of internet, business, finance and the overall gamut of human technological endeavor.

In order to arrange and accept crypto payments with a WordPress website, a simple plugin, manifested in a copy-able code, needs to be integrated on the web page. NOWPayments, one of the most reputed crypto payment gateways, makes it breezy for you to accept cryptocurrencies via WooCommerce Payment Gateway for WordPress websites. WooCommerce empowers to create quick e-commerce WordPress websites. Around a quarter of all online stores deploy WooCommerce for operating and managing their finances. It demands no prior experience or expertise of programming or technical knowledge and its voluminous library of plugins add various functionalities onto WordPress websites.

For your customers who like to pay in crypto, WooCommerce payment gateway plugin offers a fast and simple solution. Those e-commerce stores which warrant payments in cryptocurrency are more authentic and proudly flash their tech-savviness. Pre-requisites for integrating this mechanism include a NOWPayments account, a crypto-wallet and its API key, and lastly, the WooCommerce payment gateway plugin.  The installation process is as easy as ABC. Once integrated, WooCommerce payment gateway accords the highest levels of safety, speed and privacy of transactions. Since NOWPayments is a non-custodial service, it eliminates the existence of a third party and proffers the facility to pay in more than 50 cryptocurrencies including the popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Hedera Hashgraph and the lesser known like Ravencoin, Swipe and Aeternity.

With NOWPayments at the helm, you can bask in the growth of your e-store by furnishing elite crypto payment facilities for WordPress websites through WooCommerce payment gateway. Even if you notice something amiss, NOWPayments will carve a custom solution for you with its dedicated client-friendly service. Accepting crypto payments could not get any easier!

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