Download Yamaha 225hp (225 hp) Repair Manual

Yamaha 225hp Repair Manual

Download a Yamaha 225 horsepower repair manual, also termed Yamaha 225 hp factory service manual, straight to you computer, tablet or smartphone in just seconds. Download Yamaha 225 manuals appear identical to a Yamaha 225 manual you would obtain at your local marine shop. Download a Yamaha 225 manual instantly!

They say the two happiest days of a boat owner’s life is the day you buy it, and the day you sell it. Boating is great for mental and physical health. The activity boost your mood and increases your quality of life. But then your Yamaha outboard breaks-down and it cost a small fortune to fix it. And just when you finally get your boat back from the mechanic, a few trips out on the water something else brakes on the motor.

Yamaha 225hp Repair Manual

Overtime, not only does the boat spend more time in the shop than out on the water, but the expense of owing a boat puts you in a small financial crisis. This is one reason why the second happiest day of a boat owner’s life is the day you sell your boat. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. You can enjoy your boat without going broke in the process. How do you do that? By downloading a Yamaha outboard repair manual so that you can arm yourself with the knowledge needed to maintain and fix the motor on your own. 


What is a Yamaha outboard repair manual?

A Yamaha outboard repair manual is a book of instructions that is either published by the manufacturer, or by a third party publisher. A repair manual that is prepared and issued by the outboard manufacturer is called a factory service manual (FSM) or OEM manual.

A repair manual that is published by a third-party publisher is termed aftermarket outboard repair manual, workshop manual or shop manual. A third-party publisher is someone or an organization other than the original publisher of an existing factory service manual. So basically a repair manual is similar to a service manual.

What exactly is the difference between the two manuals?

A Yamaha outboard service manual is a book of instructions that is model, year specific. It is the same manual that Yamaha outboard dealership mechanics use to fix and maintain your boat motor.

Service manuals cover every possible aspect of maintenance, troubleshooting, service and repair, as well as complete component specifications, safety measures, required solvents or gasket materials and tools that might be required to complete the repair job.

More importantly, the service manual outlines, step-by-step, how to trace and locate faults within the outboard electrical or mechanical system. It outlines complete part removal, disassembly, inspection, assembly, installation and testing procedures. It also includes wiring diagrams, illustrations, schematics that show you how the machine’s parts fit together.

On the other hand, repair manuals don’t show any of that, for the most part. A Yamaha outboard repair manual is often vague. It might show you the basic theory of how to repair a Yamaha outboard motor, but it doesn’t show you how to repair a specific model or year outboard. And let’s face it, every motor is different and requires different procedures on how to fix or maintain it.

Aftermarket outboard repair manuals usually cover multiple years and model outboards, and because of that, it makes it impossible to include part diagrams, illustrations, torque specifications and machine specifications for each motor. I am not saying aftermarket manuals are useless but they can be if you’re looking for exact information like piston end ring gap, camshaft specifications, etc.

The bottom line

I am not suggesting you fix your boat engine by yourself, especially if you have no mechanical experience or specialized tools. But if do have some skill of machinery and tools, and able to fix machines, you might be able to mend some of the issues the arise when failures do occur, and subsequently, save a substantial amount of money and heartache.

But never attempt to fix any internal combustion engine without a manual, regardless of your mechanical skill. Below is a list of downloadable manuals that are available in pdf format for Yamaha 2-stroke and 4-stroke 225hp outboards.

1995 225TLRT LIT-18616-01-13
1995 225TURT LIT-18616-01-14
1995 225TXRT LIT-18616-01-14
1995 L225TURT LIT-18616-01-14
1996 L225TXRT LIT-18616-01-14
1996 L225TURU LIT-18616-01-42
1996 L225TXRU LIT-18616-01-42
1996 S225TURU LIT-18616-01-41
1996 S225TXRU LIT-18616-01-41
1997 L225TURV LIT-18616-01-61
1997 L225TXRV LIT-18616-01-61
1997 S225TURV LIT-18616-01-61
1997 S225TXRV LIT-18616-01-61
1998 L225TURW  LIT-18616-01-85 
1998 L225TXRW  LIT-18616-01-85 
1998 S225TURW  LIT-18616-01-85 
1998 S225TXRW LIT-18616-01-85
1998 V225TLRW LIT-18616-01-85
1999 L225TXRX LIT-18616-02-02
1999 S225TURX LIT-18616-01-85
1999 S225TXRX LIT-18616-01-85
1999 V225TLRX LIT-18616-01-85
2000 LX225TXRY LIT-18616-02-02
2000 LX225TURY LIT-18616-02-02
2000 SX225TXRY LIT-18616-02-02
2000 VX225TLRY LIT-18616-02-02
2001 LX225TXRZ LIT-18616-02-02
2001 SX225TURZ LIT-18616-02-02
2001 SX225TXRZ LIT-18616-02-02
2001 VX225TLRZ LIT-18616-02-02
2002 LF225TURA LIT-18616-02-36
2002 LF225TXRA LIT-18616-02-36
2002 LX225TXRA LIT-18616-02-02
2002 SX225TURA LIT-18616-02-02
2002 SX225TXRA LIT-18616-02-02
2002 VX225TLRA LIT-18616-02-02
2003 LF225TURB LIT-18616-02-36
2003 LF225TXRB LIT-18616-02-36
2003 VX225TLRB LIT-18616-02-02
2003 VZ225TLRB LIT-18616-02-43 & 02-48
2004 LF225TURC LIT-18616-02-76
2004 LF225TXRC LIT-18616-02-76
2004 VX225TLRC LIT-18616-02-74
2004 VZ225TLRC LIT-18616-VZ-20
2005 F225TURD LIT-18616-02-76
2005 F225TXRD  LIT-18616-02-76
2005 LF225TURD  LIT-18616-02-76
2005 LF225TXRD  LIT-18616-02-76
2005 VZ225TLRD  LIT-18616-VZ-20
2006 4-STROKE  
2006 2-STROKE  
2007 4-STROKE  
2007 2-STROKE  
2008 F225TLR LIT-18616-03-05
2008 F225TXR LIT-18616-02-76
2008 LF225TXR LIT-18616-02-76
2008 VZ225HTLR LIT-18616-VZ-20
2009-2010 225 HP  
2011-2012 225 HP  

*Manuals also cover VMAX, SHO VMAX, VMAX HPDI, Pro V, Saltwater Series II, V6, 6-cylinder models when applicable.

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