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Write For Us

Compose a piece of writing and send it to us for online publication. All visitors are welcome to publish a written work. We accept guest posts on every topic.

“Write for Us” typically refers to an invitation or opportunity for individuals or guest authors to contribute content, such as articles or blog posts, to a website or publication. This type of invitation is often extended by online publications, blogs, and other platforms looking to expand their content offerings and engage with a wider audience. It’s a way for the website or publication to get fresh content and perspectives while also giving the writer a chance to gain exposure and share their work with a new audience.

Paypervids is a multi-topic, multi-faceted information and web content space which values originality, creativity and ingenuity. Paypervids hosts content and marketing material from a wide selection of reader and consumer interests. Its sheer diversity of matter and motifs, themes and theses comes from an ensemble of experienced and trusted writers, content creators and businesses. We cherish inclusivity – beyond the bounds of social, cultural, religious, political and entrepreneurial precincts. This spirit culminates into generating a diverse knowledge base spanning across a vast array of passions and pursuits.

Now, we plan to expand our assemblage of writers. Paypervids invites top-talent to create and post content on our burgeoning platform. This is a chance to showcase your skills and smarts at one of the most visible digital fora. At Paypervids, you have the opportunity to articulate yourself through words and content in fields and disciplines of your taste and liking without the recreancy emanating from differing views and opinions, cultures and ethnicities, religious and political affinities and institutional affiliations.

Paypervids behooves originality, reliability and authority. For a widely read forum, it is incumbent for our prospective contributors to adhere to the highest standards of content creation, writing and marketing. We discredit stale and rehashed content that has, unfortunately, marred the digital readership and with it, the whole web content sphere.

Apart from uniqueness and freshness of your content, there are other finer points of writing that guest writers must take into consideration. The human value of the content shouldn’t be sacrificed at any cost. Any good writing is only useful and reading-worthy if it has a real-world mark and merit. The structure and flow of your writing must align with needs, constraints and hallmarks of online reading paradigms and patterns. Your submissions should be cohesive, concrete, clear, considerate, concise and exhaustive. Churning out half-truths, overly complicated and insensitive texts will not only result in rejection but also a permanent prohibition from Paypervids.

Sound familiarity with the structural characteristics of effective article writing is a must. The title shouldn’t exceed 63 characters and be relevant to the subject matter. Efficient use of keywords in titles and anchor texts enhances your readership and attracts organic traffic to your content. The introduction should hit the nail in the head. When you have a limited space and wordcount, there is no point in beating about the bush. After exposing the main and controlling ideas of the text, your argument should transit seamlessly into respective paragraphs. Deconstruct your arguments into laps and discuss only one in a paragraph. Provide authentic and relevant evidence for the argument. Use headings and sub-headings where appropriate all the while maintaining the structural and logical integrity of your text. Cite reliable sources and link them in the text. Don’t leave the reader hanging for a conclusion. The conclusion should be relevant and stand out as the proper denouement of your arguments. The lexical variety of online content is indeed enticing but it shouldn’t affect the established prescripts of grammar and syntax.    

Paypervids boasts a bevy of topics and categories, genres and niches. You can submit topical articles, news and entertainment scoops and blurbs, short research papers and reports, opinions and commentaries, instructional and how-to articles, investigative features: analyses, assessments, abstracts, appraisals and reviews, reactions and critiques; promotional and marketing material, digital services and asset management manuals. As long as the composition does not slander, smear, asperse or disparage any individual, community, religious beliefs, customs and cultures , political bent, gender identity, ethnic or racial preoccupancy and legal limits, Paypervids will actively and positively post and promote the content. Marketing content shouldn’t engage in the promotion of products and services that are inherently misleading or designed to instigate dishonest behavior. Commercial and business scamming and marketing of fake news or counterfeit products will be summarily rejected, and contributor flagged. Though it is free to publish content on Paypervids, it is not free to publish promotional material. For more information and details on pricing, Contact Us.


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