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Texas Map of Coronavirus Cases

This map of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases for Texas is a real-time diagrammatic representation of the state of Texas and its cities. The live interactive map of Coronavirus cases details total confirmed cases and fatality case numbers by state and county.

The Texas map of Corona-virus cases is updated once or several times per day. Below the map of Coronavirus cases are two left and right arrows. Clicking on these arrows will navigate you to other bits of information including fatalities by county, demographics and additional data that is relevant to the state of Texas.

The demographics section of the map is particularly interesting because it outlines the percentage of gender of confirmed cases i.e. male vs female. It also lists age groupings of confirmed cases within Texas.

Interestingly, the Texas Coronavirus mapping tool shows people of the ages  20 thru 59 make up the largest number of confirmed cases. The demographic data reflects information received about data on individual who have been confirmed with COVID-19 disease. All cases were reported by regional and local health departments.

At the top left side of the Texas map of Coronavirus cases lists the number of counties currently reporting cases. Below “Counties Reporting Cases” identifies each county of Texas and the number of people infected in that  county. 

Currently the most infected top 10 counties within Texas are Harris County, Dallas County, Travis County, Denton County, Tarrant County, Bexar County, Collin County, Fort Bend County and Galveston County. Keep in mind that the level of Coronavirus outbreak will change as time passes.

The live interactive map of Texas Coronavirus cases are updated daily by 12 noon. The data displayed are current as of 8pm for the previous day. All of the Texas Coronavirus data is produced by the Texas Department of State Health Services, Laboratory and Infections Disease Services.

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