DOWNLOAD Mercury 40hp (40 hp) Repair Manual

Since paddles and human labour have been replaced by Mercury outboards, it is important for boat owners and boat lovers alike to own a complete copy of their boat’s Mercury 40 horsepower outboard repair manual.

A Mercury 40hp outboard motor is an machine designed for boats to aid its movement across a body of water. Usually attached to the rear of a boat, the equipment includes a gearbox, an engine and a propeller which is submerged in water and thrusts the boat forward as it rotates. It takes less effort to store or repair a Mercury outboard because it is fix to the hull of the boat and easy to detach.

Every Mercury outboard model comes with its own repair manual. It is a set of instructions to guide a user on how to properly maintain their outboards so as to keep it running perfectly for a long period of time. It is essential to make use of each outboard brand’s repair manual for its maintenance.

Download Mercury 40hp Repair Manual Pdf

Contents of a 40hp Mercury Repair Manual

The Mercury 40 hp outboard repair manual shows the following details;

  • Step-by-step repair procedures detailing every aspect of service, maintenance and repair for the complete motor.
  • Name or brand of the outboard: this is clearly printed on the cover page of each repair manual.
  • The models of the outboards it can be consulted for: the year in which an outboard was manufactured also indicates its model. A repair manual can be used for one or more models of the same outboard brand.
  • Horse power (HP): this is stated numerically also on the cover page of each repair manual. i.e. 9.9HP- 40HP
  • Labelled diagram showing the parts of an outboard: this will help the repair manual user to be familiar with the name and/or number that each part is called.
  • Proper arrangement  of outboard parts: a detailed diagram can assist the manual user to couple all the outboard’s parts together without leaving any one out or fixing the parts incorrectly.
  • The part quantity: Each part’s quantity per outboard is also stated in the repair manual.
  • Trouble shooting list: this list shows the possible causes of  engine problems, how to spot a problem and fix it.

Why you should download a Mercury repair manual

Every boat owner is required  to have a complete Mercury 40hp outboard repair manual for the following reasons;

  • Maintenance intervals: accurate engine service dates  can only be measured and remembered by the boat owner who can follow the easy steps or guide to service the outboard in the absence of an engineer or mechanic. Proper maintenance  lengthens the life span of your outboard.
  • Know your outboard: get acquainted with your outboard and how it works. The repair manual helps a boat owner to understand the parts of the outboard, its controls, fuel and other vital information.
  • Repair your outboard: with a little skill and confidence, a boat owner can follow a repair manual’s easy guide to get their outboard running again.
  • Eliminate the chances of being cheated by a fraudulent mechanic or repair shop with adequate information about your outboard which you gathered from its appropriate repair manual.
  • Proper storage of equipment: the repair manual states how your outboard is to be carefully stored when not in use to prevent damage from mishandling or unfavorable weather conditions.

Always make sure you have a Mercury 40hp repair manual handy in the event your outboard motor breaks down. You don’t want to be stuck on the water not knowing how to fix it.

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4 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD Mercury 40hp (40 hp) Repair Manual

  • Anthony Bomberry

    1986 40horse 2 stroke Mercury outboard motor not getting fuel

  • Furat Ceylan

    I need a 1996 mercury 40 hp outboard service manual and for a 2007 mercury marine 40 hp bigfoot EFI 4 stroke 4 cylinder outboard.

  • S. Burch

    My 2005 40 hp mercury outboard 2 stroke troubleshooting slow cranking won’t start?

  • Chris Petzold

    What is the recommended air-fuel mixture for a Mercury 40hp carbureted outboard engine, and how can I adjust it to achieve better fuel economy or higher performance? Are there any specific tools or equipment required for this adjustment, and should I consult a professional if I am not confident in my ability to perform the adjustment correctly? Is this covered in the repair manual?


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