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Is Cosmos (ATOM) a Good Investment?

Cosmos ATOM has massive profit potential based on technology alone. That said, cryptocurrency is often something worth buying because it is profitable more so than being useful in the future.

Cosmos ATOM is a good investment because it is a more efficient alternative to the status quo. It is a third generation token with fast transaction speed and low fees (about 0.03¢). Cosmos is designed for mass adoption by institutional and retail investors.

On the flip side, some people invest money for profit based on the cryptocurrency circulating supply and maximum supply. The value of cryptocurrency is governed by supply and demand. Lower supply can mean higher demand, thereby increasing prices.

Cosmos ATOM low circulating supply and advanced technology makes it a solid investment. It is available for purchase on top bitcoin and crypto investing sites, exchanges and wallets. You can even earn staking rewards through Coinbase and Exodus.

Staking your investment is a great way to earn a passive income.
Staking is a Good Investment Strategy

Cosmos ATOM Price Prediction

At time of writing Cosmos ATOM current price is $17.44. It is forecasted to potentially be worth $26.50 by end of 2021. Is that a low projection? What do you think Cosmos value will be in the coming years? Leave your guess in the comment box.

“Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment”?

Cryptocurrency represents the newest threshold of investment market. Its novelty may turn most of us into skeptics, but its potential is undoubtedly humongous. At its very core, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin entail the shared trust that regular currencies like US Dollar, British Pound and European Euro enjoy. The more trustworthy a cryptocurrency, the more likely it is to hold value and general acceptability.

Before jumping into the realm of crypto investment, it is pertinent to ask a few preliminary questions. Foremostly, understand the underlying concept of cryptocurrency; which is that they are digital assets widely accepted for payments and purchases. The basic denomination of any cryptocurrency is the “coin” or a “token”, essentially a complicated and unique string of code. These coins and tokens can be traded for state-issued currency or used for payments and purchases directly. Among its many peculiarities, perhaps the most resounding is the one that each transaction is recorded publicly via an intricate system known as “blockchain”. This makes each transaction unique, legit and referable later. While the intrinsic character of crypto is indeed convincing, state regulations and technological requirements signify a major obstacle in widespread acceptability of cryptocurrency.

Now, it is only a matter of time until these issues are resolved and until that time arrives, it will be extremely prudent to invest in cryptocurrency. Hence, to answer the question in the title; cryptocurrency is indeed a good investment. Lately, crypto has seen more rise than fall in value and is being increasingly adopted by major companies and vendors as an acceptable mode of payment, latest of which is Tesla. The blockchain technology is rapidly maturing into a true game-changer. Not only it has the potential to disrupt prevalent industries such as real estate and automobile manufacturing, it can also birth newer markets. Cryptocurrency, due to its “mining” limitations, can hold massive value and present exorbitant returns in the future.

If major corporations such as Square and MarketStrategy foresee the rewards of investing in cryptocurrency, you can be sure that the time has come to embrace the first truly “global currency”. While there are many upsides to investing in crypto, it has its share of teething troubles. As cryptocurrencies exist digitally, they are prone to cyberattacks. Security snags have costed millions of dollars to investors and. Ironically, the prospective success of crypto is used to frame hundreds of unwitting investors into rampaging scams and frauds.

It is too early to call the final result of current crypto craze, but it is certainly exciting the investors all over the world. Given its pros and cons, we can claim; with cautious confidence, that investing in cryptocurrency can be richly rewarding. With cryptocurrency, your investment triumph is hitched to cryptocurrency’s wide-scale adoption and this can be facilitated by triggering the most basic of human instincts; trust, and most basic of human endeavors; technology.

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