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Is BEPRO Network a Good Investment?

The BEPRO Network is a good investment because history has proven time and again that solid start-ups can yield the best deals for early investors.

BEPRO is a code-as-a-service protocol providing technology and support for blockchain-based applications and right now it’s the talk of the crypto community. Keep in mind that a token becomes rewarding when hype-men and investors come together to give it intensive publicity.

Research shows that BEPRO Network is a good investment, so much so that it was listed on the Binance Smart Chain. But don’t wait too long to buy-in. With so many influencers on social media platforms beginning to hype up the BEPRO Network, the good deal might not last long.

UPDATE: 08/21/21 BEPRO could no longer be considered a good investment as we potentially near the middle/top half of the second bull run. Tokens like Hedera Hashgraph HBAR might be a better investment when the bear market arrives.

The BEPRO Network is a thing worth buying because it may be highly-profitable in the future. Conservative forecasts predict the currency’s value will reach $1.00 by the end of the year while optimistic estimates bring it much higher.

The BEPRO token is a HODL coin not a get-rich-quick asset. So be prepared to keep it in your possession for a few months. The coin should steadily surge in value as more exchanges list it.

Is BEPRO Network a Good Investment?

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Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment?

Cryptocurrency (or crypto) can be smart investment given its recent spike in value. It offers a direct exposure to the burgeoning digital payment platform and the businesses it facilitates. Owing to its monumental demand and prodigious security firewall, crypto is very likely to survive the tough regulatory mechanisms and emerge as the next big triumph in the global financial order.

In its most elemental form, cryptocurrencies avail their reputation from the collective trust of all holders. Crypto runs on a uniquely secure and efficient platform known as Blockchain, whereby payments and transactions are made on a peer-to-peer system eliminating the need of physical money. A crypto payment exists as a digital entry on an intricate online database and when a purchase is made and payment is disbursed, it is recorded on a public ledger. Since the gamut of this activity runs on digital platform, multi-level advanced coding is involved in storing, transmitting, reporting and archiving crypto payments. The value of any cryptocurrency, hence, is dependent on how trustworthy and universally acceptable it is.

Crypto is a form of currency and when looked from the prevailing lens of monetary instrumentation, it is where one can “park” capital rather than “invest”. However, the regulatory skepticism surrounding crypto and its consequent apprisal to accept it as a mode of payment make cryptocurrencies more of an investment for future gains than merely a place to park capital. So, investing in crypto right now has benefits, albeit limited.

Firstly, crypto has seen a phenomenal rise in value over the past year. From $9500 in January 2020, Bitcoin valued a cool $40000 in January 2021. As of today, Bitcoin is valued around $59000 per token despite rebuttals from legendary investors like Warren Buffet. Crypto is poised to surge even higher in coming months before falling down due to its mining limitations. It is pertinent to mention that the latent interest of major corporations like Tesla in crypto can provide the necessary stability that this technology so requires.

Secondly, the rapid advancement in the underlying tech of crypto, Blockchain can pull in a major boon for the digital currency. Blockchain, so far, has provided impetus to large investment sectors such as real estate, construction and, notably, medical tech amid the global pandemic. In future, it is positioned to birth newer market sectors powered by it bleeding-edge technology and security features.

Thirdly, the ever-increasing circle of trust crypto is building can prove to a major determinant in its value. The more peers a cryptocurrency attracts, the more robust its payment authority. The way major corporation like Square and MarketStrategy are jumping the crypto bandwagon, it is only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies become the de facto mode of payment.

Investing in crypto is not without risks. Partly due to their exorbitant value against fiat money and partly due to the quasi-mythological background they possess, cryptocurrency market is teeming with scams and frauds. With over 20000 cryptocurrencies in circulation, it is without an iota of doubt that most of these are shallow scams and frivolous frauds. To top this swindle, crypto market is limited by certain levels of “mining” restrictions. To say that the well of crypto is bottomless is a blunderous overstatement, and as such, investing in crypto should be made with careful circumspection. Additionally, the digital universe upon which the crypto galaxy is carefully balanced, is acutely prone to cataclysmic cyberattacks.

In wake of the prevailing crypto bubble, it is too early to call the success of cryptocurrencies. But if we have to make a statement, it would be that crypto is a richly rewarding investment, if and only if, made after meticulous research and caution because at its very core, it is a decision that must be backed by the most basic of human emotion; TRUST.

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