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How to Make Money Online With Cryptocurrency

How to Make Money Online With Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a moneymaker and everyone is getting absurdly rich from it. You can make a fortune by investing into cryptocurrency without putting in a lot of money. It’s the easiest money you will ever make and the Internet’s best paying venture.

To get started, you will need a web-enabled computer or smartphone and a few bucks. A free cryptocurrency wallet is needed to store your money-like asset. The electronic money will provide profitable returns in the future as it appreciates in value.

The good news: You can buy some cryptocurrency for pennies and make a huge financial gain when your virtual currency matures. This training session provides detailed and practical advice on how to make money online with cryptocurrency.

What is cryptocurrency anyway?

Cryptocurrency, or crypto-currency or just crypto, is a system of digital money that is designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein non physically existing coins can be bought or exchanged and stored in secure digital files as computerized money. The files are created and maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography as opposed to a centralized authority. Cryptocurrency use decentralized control, which means it isn’t controlled by a government or people.

1. Get a Cryptocurrency Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is similar to a purse or pocketbook for holding money or credit cards except it is stored by means of a computer and made by software. In fact, a crypto wallet is somewhat like an online bank account whereby an individual carries out financial transactions via Internet on a smartphone or tablet.

To invest in cryptocurrency get a wallet to store your digital assets. Your wallet can be web-based and reside on a desktop computer or mobile device. I recommend using Exodus Crypto Wallet for beginners as it is easy to send, receive and exchange cryptocurrency. Exodus also gives you easy access to uncommon currencies.

Go to and download the desktop or mobile online app (or both) from Google Play or Apple store. Be certain to make a record of your crypto wallet password and store it in a safe place. Don’t lose your password. A bitcoin owner lost $220 million when he forgot his secret word phrase.

2. Buy Cryptocurrencies

Purchase cryptocurrency from a secure online digital currency exchange platform like The online platform is a fully regulated and licensed cryptocurrency exchange for buying, selling, transferring and storing digital currency.

With Coinbase you can obtain common and valuable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin but you cannot acquire some less common or new altcoins like Dogecoin or Hedera Hashgraph. Sometimes it’s these new, and often cheap, cryptocurrencies that tend to make the most profit over time.

Since you cannot buy cryptocurrency from your wallet, you will have to purchase it from Coinbase and then send it to your wallet address. Then you can exchange your cryptocurrency for other types of digital tokens.

3. Make money with cryptocurrency

The age-old strategy of buying low and selling high is the best way to make money online with cryptocurrency. Do research into which digital coins have the highest probability of a breakout.

A breakout is a term used to describe cryptocurrency that will become extremely popular or successful in the future. So for example, Hedera Hashgrap (HBAR) is predicated by some to be worth a great deal of money continuing forwards in time.

Since HBAR digital tokens are relatively cheap at $0.173606 USD, you can afford to buy a large sum of cryptocurrency that is promising but won’t break the bank. Buy-and-hold your cryptocurrency, expect highs and lows, but give you tokens time to mature and you might retire rich.

The bottom line

It pays to cast your financial net online with cryptocurrency, where money-making opportunities abound.

Years ago, when Bitcoin was worth 200 bucks, my friend told me to buy a few thousand worth. A $2,000 investment would have yield a $350.000 profit. A 10K investment could have would have net over $2,000,000.

It’s never too late to make money online with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin's projected value could reach $100,000 to as much as one million dollars per BTC in the future.


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