Coronavirus Live Interactive Map

Coronavirus Live Interactive Map

Use this live interactive map to track the 2019-nCoV coronavirus as it spreads throughout the globe. This real-time diagrammatic representation provides a two-way flow of information between your computer and Johns Hopkins visualization global case mapping tool. 

Coronavirus Live Interactive Map

The live interactive map transmits actual data directly to you without delay. The corona-virus interactive map is updated several times daily, so you may need to refresh the page every few hours to get up-to-date, as-it-happens information. Data sources are obtained from the WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC and DXY.

This live coverage, fully interactive map of the world, displays the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, province/state, country and region, as well as the number of confirmed deaths and those people who have recovered from the virus.

The live mapping tool allows the user to zoom-in, zoom-out and panning abilities so as to locate your city or another location. When you find a geographical area on the interactive map, click on it to gain up-to-date information about that regions current stats on the coronavirus. Each point on the real-time map is updated as new corona-virus hotspots are identified.

To the right of the plan you will find charts identifying Total Deaths and Total Recovered in large numbers, deaths are in white numbers and recovered patients are in green numbers. Below the interactive map you will see a graph that identifies the total number of people infected with the disease (orange line-graph) and the total locations the virus has spread to (yellow line-graph).

We all know by now that the coronaviruses are a group of RNA viruses that can cause a multitude of diseases in humans. This most recent 2019 nCoV coronavirus is especially lethal and is known to cause pneumonia.

This web mapping global service offers real-time COVID-19 conditions. It is best viewed on a computer but compatible on smartphones and tablets. It is a good idea to use this live tracking tool so you can be prepared in the event this highly infectious virus starts to spread in your area of the world. Make you share this real-time map of coronavirus cases with friends and family so they can track the outbreak. Thanks!

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