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This is Why Coronavirus is so Terrifying

This is Why Coronavirus is so Terrifying

The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on the planet is a virus. We can’t predict what a virus we’ve never seen will do, but we can see with our own eyes, how in just a few short days, China is on the edge of societal collapse.

The Ebola epidemic was an early wake-up call to get ready, and although its mortality rate is a whopping 90 percent, it is NOT something we need to fear.

That’s because an inefficient virus kills its host. A clever virus stays with it.

Influenza is a perfect example. Its mortality rate is a measly 0.1% but it kills 650,000 people  annually worldwide, whereas Ebola’s mortality rate is 90% and it only killed 13,000 in a two-year span.

This new coronavirus is a perfect storm. It’s resilient, stealth and highly contagious. It inflames the air sacs in the lungs and causes pneumonia. It kills its host slow enough to infiltrate and spread from one host to the next.

China’s president said ‘coronavirus is a devil

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Here’s why this new coronavirus is so terrifying

  • The coronavirus is airborne
  • About 32% infected need higher flow oxygen support
  • About 12% infected develop cardiac injury (heat damage)
  • It can be spread before and after symptoms appear
  • Long incubation makes it impossible to manage quarantine zones
  • It is many times more deadly than Influenza
  • It appears to be equally contagious as the common cold
  • The body might not build permanent immunity to coronavirus
  • The body will not survive repeat infections of pneumonia
  • There is no vaccine to prevent infection or transmission
  • It is one step away from becoming a pandemic
  • Pandemics increase political stress and tensions
  • Governments will implement draconian measures to limit its spread
  • Outbreak response measures will spark violence between citizens
  • It will slow or halt local and global food supply
  • When food supplies diminish natural wildlife will get decimated
  • When wildlife disappears people will resort to cannibalism
  • When wildlife disappears migration always occurs
  • When migration occurs disease will spread into new regions
  • The virus will cause significant social disruption
  • These types of disasters cause widespread predation and looting
  • It will slow or halt global trade
  • It will severely impact world economy
  • It will slow economic growth
  • It will limit medical needs, supplies and medications 

This all sounds crazy, but it’s already happening

The W.H.O. declared a global emergency as Wuhan coronavirus spreads out of control. The State Department elevated its warning and told Americans not to travel to China as the coronavirus outbreak continues. Things are escalating fast!

China’s president recently said, “coronavirus is a devil”,  and “the situation is grave”. You should definitely feel disturbed by those statements, but it gets worse. 

A renowned medical scientist said “we should implement draconian measures to limit its spread”. Gassing an entire city to protect the rest of its population could and would be considered draconian.

Countries like Russia, Mongolia and others have already closed their borders to China. Flights in and out of China are coming to a stop. A city of 11 million is already designated a quarantine zone.

China is currently our largest goods trading partner. Over $560 billion worth of goods and food come into the US from China. If pandemic occurs, it will all stop and the economy will crash. 

What should you expect if the coronavirus comes to the USA?

Firstly, the virus is already here. The real question is, can we contain it? But if you want to know what you should expect, you must know your past. Most importantly, what happens when the food supply stops in a large population.

It has happened before on moderate and local levels, and the results were devastating. The Siege of Leningrad, Great Famine of North Korea and the Syrian Civil War all experienced instances of cannibalism when food ran dry.   

Syrian Refugees Waiting For Food Distribution
Thousands of Syrians waiting for food distribution after wildlife was decimated.

In Syria’s war, food supplies got cut off and untold numbers of woman and children died because they couldn’t stomach the bitter taste of tree leaves. Millions of people migrated and dozens of reports of cannibalism surfaced.

In the Siege of Leningrad, when food ran dry, soldiers and citizens consumed all of the local wildlife. When it was gone, people ate their enemies.

Food shortage coronavirus

What is coronavirus mortality rate?

Mainstream media continues to spread false information.

Listen, it is too early to assess the mortality rate as there are dozens of unknown variables. And what does mortality rate mean, exactly? Mortality rate, or death rate, is a measure of the number of deaths in a particular population, scaled to the size of that population, per unit of time.

To accurately calculate the virus’s mortality rate, you’d need to know things like, length of time infected, average time until death occurs, time it takes to recover, those most at risk, amongst other things.

You cannot simply calculate the total confirmed cases vs the total number of deaths. Over 10,000 newly confirmed cases occurred in the last 8 days. Doctors have said that pneumonia often occurs in patients about 9 days after first symptoms appear. 

Main stream media claim mortality rate to be 2%, which is many times deadlier than Influenza. Based on the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) cases spread sheet that was provided by JHU CSSE, which dates back to January 22nd, my guesstimate would place mortality rate @ 4.0 to 5.0%.

Based on that guess, if every person on the planet contracted the virus, 375+ million would die annually (provided antibodies declined in about 1 year and the viruses wasn’t rapidly adapting like the flu does), and 800,000,000 would suffer some level of lung or heart damage—making them more vulnerable if reinfected. 

Mutual assured destruction

It is impossible for America to prevent a pandemic. If a debilitating virus spread across large regions of the world, infected nations would pass the virus to non-infected nations to ‘level the playing field’.   

It is a military strategy and national security issue where opposing sides would ensure each country has an equal chance to succeed or become extinct.

So forget about those conspiracy theories spreading faster than the coronavirus itself. There are no winners in biological warfare. If the virus is not quickly contained, it would be purposely set free in every corner of the world.

What should you do? PREPARE & IMPLEMENT!

All you can do is prepare, then implement. Do not spend too much time preparing. Implementation beats preparation.

Btw, people have already prepared and implemented. Supplies like germ face masks are almost gone and it’s just a matter of time until latex gloves and other supplies are gone too. Implementation beats preparation! So what are you waiting for?

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    Who is the renowned medical science speaking about draconian measure?
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    Chinese statistics indicate their new cases have come to a halt, are they lying?
    What will cause the food supply from stopping?
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