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Real-Time Map of Coronavirus Cases

This interactive diagrammatic chart is a representation of the Coronavirus COVID-2019 pandemic and its areas of land where one or more patients are suffering from disease. The map shows the position of physical locations where an instance of diseases has occurred, total number of victims who succumbed to death, patients who have recovered and those who’s fate has yet to be determined.

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This global map of coronavirus cases is a real-time interactive chart of the world’s confirmed cases by region and country. It allows you to zoom-in and out to view physical features such as cities, roads and near by locations of stores and even hospitals. The Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases Web mapping tool was created by Johns Hopkins CSSE.

How to navigate map of Coronavirus cases?

We all know what a map is. It is a two-dimensional visual representation of Earth. It can be a chart or drawing that shows a collection of diseased locations around the world. However, this map is an interactive map showing real-time data.

The map of Coronavirus cases works similar to Google Maps, which is a web mapping tool created by Google. The map of Coronavirus cases is interactive but does not show panoramic views of streets, only two-dimensional views. To navigate the map or Coronavirus cases, select an area with a red dot and click on it. Once you click on a specific area on the map with a red dot, it will display the country/city, total confirmed cases, known deaths, patients recovered and existing cases.

To the left of the map it shows ‘Total Confirmed’ cases by country and region marked in red color. If you click on a country the interactive map will automatically steer you to that location and the red dot marking that location will glow momentarily. Then click on that position’s red dot to gather facts about the Coronavirus epidemic in that area. The Coronavirus map is mobile friendly.

To view the Corona virus COVID-19 Global Cases mobile version, click on the 3 vertical lines at the upper left corner of the map, then click on ‘Mobile Version’. To view hot-spots on the Coronavirus map, look for hyperlinked tabs at the bottom of the map. These tabs are named; Totals, Plots, Data, Confirmed and Existing. You can also just click on the orange circles in a specific area to get the same information.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, make sure you search the map your specific city, province or country and its level of Coronavirus outbreak. If there is an instance of disease in your geographical location, start to prepare, or better yet, prepare anyway. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and share it with your friends and family. 

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