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Write for us. Become a contributor and submit a piece of writing for online publication. Email us your guest post at If your writing is good we’ll contact your for permission to publish it.

Writing tips

Getting your article published can be achieved using a variety of methods. One proven means for getting your work published is by submitting your composition to our free article directory. Before submitting your selection to the directory, be sure to craft a piece writing that displays the full measure of your ability to ensure making the most positive impression of your skills as possible.

Begin by choosing a thesis for your article. The thesis is the main idea of the article or the target subject for the audience. When choosing a thesis, be sure to select a topic that will afford you the best opportunity to expand on simple subjects in a way that will be illuminating to the reader. When researching your thesis, find credible sources from which to derive your content matter. The Internet is littered with false representations that are passed off as factual offerings. The key to a well-researched article is finding sources that will provide accurate information. After gaining experience in article writing for our directory, you will be able to locate and investigate proper sources more quickly.

The structure of your article is another important facet of quality writing for our article directory. Structure includes everything that is required to translate ideas into a readable and informative article. Your use of proper article formatting and grammar will make the difference between an amateur attempt and one that demands viewership. Find references for proper grammar and keep them easily available for occasions when you are less confident about a specific rule. You can choose an online or offline source from which to check your grammar. Be sure to separate each unique section of your article into distinct paragraphs for easier readability and coherence.  

Choose a length for your article that allows you the opportunity to explain your thesis adequately without being an overly lengthy and arduous read. The standard article word length is 400-500 words. Many article directories will include articles of varying topics that are all within the common length with few exceptions. Of course, a topic that requires numerous examples or a complicated subject may require that you exceed 500 words to sufficiently tackle the premise of the article. In such cases, making sure the structure of the article is sound will enable you to keep an audience interested through the higher word count.

Closing the article and editing are the final steps to creating an article for our directory. Wrap your article by reiterating the thesis and summarizing the points you have made in the body of the piece. Edit the article thoroughly and repeatedly to ensure the article reflects your best effort before submitting it to the directory.

Follow the standard guidelines for creating an article for an article directory in the same way you’d publish an article to a magazine or news outlet. The more you practice the steps, the easier subsequent projects will become. Paying attention to a quality thesis, proper structure, and editing will allow you to consistently create worthy articles that you can submit to our directory.

Cite your sources

To avoid plagiarism by quoting ideas or words used by other authors, we encourage writers to cite sources and link to them. Generate citations free of charge using

Outbound anchor text links can be placed anywhere in the body paragraphs, but the complete URL address should be displayed in the reference section at the bottom of the article.

Site Sources Write for Us Become a Contributor Accepting Guest Posts Guest Bloggers Wanted
Image: Example of references. Link to sources when citing sources from the Web.

Author biography

An author biography is optional. If submitting an author bio, it can be a short story of one’s life or skill in a particular area, preferably a short summary of a specific ability that relates to the article.

Image: If submitting an author bio, use this format.

Anchor text links

Anchor text links can be used in the body paragraphs. The link text should always describe what the reader will see when they click on it. Never use words like “Click Here”, or the URL itself. The complete URL should be placed in the reference section. This is the appropriate way to include an anchor text link:

Business + “want to write for” Marketing + Become a Contributer News Now Accepting Guest Posts
Image: Use anchor text links when linking to another page or website.

Be responsible when linking to outside sources. Avoid linking to sites selling prescription medicines, gambling sites, adult content or similar.

Inexperienced writers

You have a voice. And we believe everyone should have the ability to express something in words to all of the people, societies, and institutions on the earth.

A good write-up should communicate effectively in various ways; e.g. grammar, logic and flow. With that being said, we cannot publish a piece of writing that doesn’t meet strict editorial guidelines. 

If you’re insistent on getting an article published on PPV article directory, but cannot meet our strict editorial standards, we suggest working with a professional writer to polish your work. We can add the finishing touches to your article for a fee.