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Why it is Hard to Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the habits that one can be badly addicted to.  Smoking is a habit that is too difficult to quit. In a smoker’s life for instance, it can be a very big step for one to quit smoking, unfortunately this step is not easy to take. This does not recognize whether you are a teen smoker or whether you have smoked all your life. It is basically difficult to quit smoking once you are an addict. So, improvements are needed to quit smoking which foundationally need some motivation. This motivation should come from the social aspect, and a person’s well calculated moves. Through motivation therefore, it is possible to learn the new ways and finally quit and manage the vehement desires of smoking (Greaves, 36).

As a smoker, I have really found it hard to accept the fact that there are people who once smoked and are now free from this habit. I find it very wise to quit smoking but the initiative has been an uphill battle to me. This is what prompted me to carry out some research on this habit. This research relies on people’s experience which I do put in prose form.

Why it is hard to quit smoking

There are several reasons which I found that have kept me smoking. One, smoking comes out to be a physical addiction and psychological habit. Smoking is like a daily ritual which needs to be repeated on daily basis. In addition to this we find that the content of cigarette, nicotine, does provide temporary and addictive state. So if one is to refrain from smoking, then there must be some physical signs that automatically will call for only the determined to stand against and move on.  Basically when one has to quit smoking he has to quit both the addiction and the habit. Only through this will one count himself to be out of the addiction of nicotine (Hilton, 13).

Secondly, it is not easy to quit smoking especially for people who were used to it in managing overwhelming and unpleasant feelings such as anxiety, stress, and loneliness. Basically, smoking act as the only companion when one is lonely or is stressed.  You find that the comfort that people seem to find through smoking is not an easy thing to abandon and start doing something else. But because one will pretend that he is quitting smoking, he or she will continue smoking and may continue till the end of his or her life. This is because it is not easy due to its addictive nature. The comfort that cigarettes do provide is also addictive.

In addition to the addiction, there are some side benefits that do come with smoking thus making it very difficult to quit.  These side benefits can include the stimulation that smokers do get when they smoke, the pleasure, the relaxation that these smokers get is very overwhelming that stopping smoking is not easy. These are some of the reasons why I find it not easy to stop smoking.

Though it is difficult to stop smoking, I have come to understand that people have been able to stop smoking. They have graduated from that class and have joined the class of non smokers. On inquiring, I came out with some possible solutions to why they managed to quit smoking. The foremost step is that one has to take the initiate to stop smoking. He or she should come out with an effective plan to help him or she quit the craving desire for cigarettes, to manage his or her unpleasant and overwhelming feelings. On top of these, one needs support from the social aspect of life. Those who are close to the smoker do play a very big role in ensuring that they either continue smoking or quit. Through the support of people like the family, the peers and friends from whichever dimension, quitting smoking will not be difficult to undertake.


Personally, I have found it very difficult to stop smoking, but now I know that people can work their ways out of the habit. I just want to try my best to quit this habit just like my friends have done it. I want to acknowledge the role that psychology play in such calls for actions. The role that the mind plays stands out to be very significant and this proves that the major step in quitting smoking is having a determined mind to quit smoking.

The experience I have had while smoking are pathetic and it is my wish you don’t fall into this trap that I fell in. kindly don’t not smoke.


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