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Who is Connor Betts Ohio Mass Shooter? (Shooting Video)

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Connor Stephen Betts is a 24 years old caucasian male. His birthdate is 10/28/1994. Connor lived in Bellbrook, OH.  Public records indicate his religious views are Christian.

Initial reports speculated that Connor was republican but public records and social media post clearly identify him as democratic/progressive. Public records list his political affiliation as democrat.

Connor was known in his town as politically extreme. His neighbors described him as “having problems”, in regards to his mental status.

Connor's Social Media, Twitter Posts and Retweets

Connor Betts was not a Donald Trump Supporter he was democrat

Connor betts democrat or socialist progressive

Connor Betts Bernie Sanders Supporter

Connor Betts Twitter Posts

Connor was a self-proclaimed leftist

Who is Connor and did he want Socialism?

Connor's Twitter Account Flowers for Atomsk

Was Conner Planning his Mass Shooting Spree

Connor Betts was shot dead by police within 1 minute of his mass shooting rampage that left 9 dead and another 16 people injured. Connor's sister, 22-year-old Megan Betts and her boyfriend were among the nine people killed. Their bodies were found near the scene. Megan was shot by her brother, not police. 

Online voting records show that Megan Betts was registered as democratic, her political affiliation democrat. 

Witness Shooting Video

Shooting Footage Released by Police

Video of Connor Shot Dead by Police

Connor’s biography on his LinkedIn page describes himself as offering:

“extensive customer service experience” and described himself as “good under pressure. Fast learner. Eager to overachieve.”

His employment history consists of service positions. It is not known if he left behind a manifesto of his political view or opinions. A background check of Connor reveals that he does not have a violent criminal past.

Pictures of Connor Stephen Betts

Pictures, images of connor betts Ohio Dayton Mass Shooter

Fast police response is said to have saved hundreds from being wounded or killed as the shooter had several high-capacity magazines and hundreds of rounds between them. 

Connor’s Motive

Police are still investigating Conor’s motive. We know he was a gun fanatic, neighbors  and former classmates claim he had some mental issues and he was politically extreme. In a twitter post he says “This is America: Guns on every corner, guns in every house, no freedom but to kill”.

More than 100 copycat plots and attacks have happened in the nearly 20 years since the Columbine shooting, according to a recent report. People who plan or commit these type of attacks are mostly motivated by media coverage, especially political bias media.

Today, reporters emit too much emotion unlike 30 years ago when journalist read the story. Media outlets suppress stories about one race and blow-up reporting about another. Bigoted comments such as “white men are the biggest threat to Americans” is what’s creating an army of killers.

In the early 80s researchers warned lawmakers that too much violence in media will lead to a more violent society. 

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3 thoughts on “Who is Connor Betts Ohio Mass Shooter? (Shooting Video)

  1. What’s that song? “I just want you to know who I am”. Most people can watch bias media like CNN, FOX or TYT and see right through their extreme BS. People with mental issues cannot. That is why most mass shooters are crazy. You just need to affect 1 person and media gets their next big story. Then they blame 1 man’s action on the president and his supporters. But this has been happening before Trump and will continue after he’s gone.

  2. America should ban guns and get stabbed instead like here in London. No but seriously, at least with a knife people stand a chance. More seriously, your news media is not only undermining America, it is undermining the whole world.

  3. I am gonna bet this guy was a fan of The Young Turks TYT. It wouldn’t be the first TYT fan that was a mass shooter. They inspired Gavin Long and Gavin ended up inspiring Kori Ali Muhammad. Elliot Rodger was also a subscriber of TYT. I hope we learn more about his digital footprint.

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