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What Makes a Website Successful?

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A survey conducted by NetCraft back in 2014 found out there were more than 1 billion websites online. This number has been steadily increasing as more businesses and individuals across the world design and operate their own websites. Yet, nearly every internet user has only a small number of websites frequently. If you are a web designer, you want to be able to design one of the sites that users visit frequently, or you risk getting lost in obscurity. Given below are some of the main things about the most successful websites in the world.

Clear objective and calls to action

The most important contributor towards the success of a website is how useful it is to the end user. It is simply not possible to maintain a steady viewership with a website that does not have a clear purpose, no matter how good the design and interface is. But when you look at websites like Amazon and Craigslist, both of which are massively successful, you realize that website design is useful only if the fundamentals are in place. First, ensure that the website provides something useful to the visitor, and only then proceed to the design and format aspect of the site.

Intuitive navigation

Once you have the objective of the website in place, the next step is to focus on the basic architecture of the site. Every site has a particular arrangement of pages that are linked to each other, so that users can sift through and find what they are looking for. Take the time to think how most users will be using your website, and build a structure that allows them to navigate seamlessly. Organize the information, categorize the pages and add subheads so that a visitor can jump to the most relevant page. 

Interesting content

A good design and an intuitive navigation may help catch the attention of a new visitor, but if you want to retain them and make them revisit your page, you will need to provide much more than just your services or products. Posting relevant content is a great way to increase viewership and retain the current user base as it provides more information about your business and related fields. Make sure that your practice Search Engine Optimization techniques so that your content can be found easily by other internet users.

Active community

An active community is one of the most welcoming things about a website, especially if it is a social network that supports user generated content. 9GAG is an example of a website that is kept alive and profitable due to its colorful and active worldwide community. You may build a community by promoting your website on other social media like Twitter and Facebook, so as to gather a group of like-minded people.

Progressive growth

Regardless of what kind of website you own, it is very important to keep growing and introducing better features. There are chances that some of your users may not be very comfortable with radical changes in design and functionality, but if you believe that it will make the site more useful, you should implement it. Remember that Facebook started using its Timeline only in 2012, but it continued to be used by billions around the world. While making changes in the design or structure of the site, make sure that appeals to a much wider target demographic, so that you can attract new visitors. You may expand the existing set of uses for the website or include a wider range of content to make it grow gradually.

Once your website has established a level of trust amongst the visitors, you will notice that it features higher on the search list. Maintaining the popularity of a successful website takes nearly as much dedication as building it, and you will need to keep an eye on the changing habits and expectations of your target demographic. With some effort, you will be able to build a website that stands the test of time.

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