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The What, the Why and the How of Copywriting Services

Copywriting is the process of creating written content for the sales, advertising or marketing of products and services. Distinctly promotional in nature, the written content is termed a ‘copy’ (as opposed to an article or a blog post) and is displayed on print materials, online media or both.

The purpose of copywriting is to persuade a person or group into taking desired action, such as purchasing a product or service, signing up for a website or newsletter or simply engaging with the company or brand in question, in one way or another. It is this purpose in fact, which separates copywriting from other types of writing such as news or editorial writing.

With copywriting, the aim is to “sell” a product, service, idea, brand or business to one or more people from the target market segment. With editorial, news and other writing, the aim is to inform or entertain the audience, who may or may not be a part of the target market segment.

Why copywriting?

Because no matter how great your product or service is, it will not sell itself. A compelling copy will, however. Great copywriting – the kind that professional copywriting services are known to provide – will help you boost sales, brand engagement, awareness and more by succinctly positioning the product, service or brand in the midst of clients, customers and stakeholders. Such positioning drives them to take an action and drives you to take the profits.

But why professional copywriting services?

Because the stakes are high! Sure no one knows your product, service, brand or business better than you do. And great that you have your way with words. But it is never a good idea to write your own copies. Never. Not even if you run your own business of copywriting services.

Why? Because – 1) you are too close to the business to be able to show objectivity, 2) your time is too valuable to be spent in producing copies and 3) you don’t want to risk it. Let’s see why these factors matter.

1. When you’re too close to the business, it becomes harder for you to keep perspective of the bigger picture. Also, since you know fully well how great your product or service is, your approach automatically becomes more business-focused, whereas, it should be more client focused. Professional from niche copywriting services on the other hand, are ‘outsiders’ who can see the appeal of your product or service for its target market. They do not fall into the trap of business storytelling and instead focus on clients.

2. When you attempt to create copies yourself, you end up spending more time and therefore negatively affecting the timeline. Since copywriting is the core competency of professionals or businesses that provide copywriting services, they have the experience and expertise to produce compelling copies well within deadline. Also, employing copywriting services frees you up to do what you do best – manage the company or the sales and marketing campaign.

3. Let’s face it – the current competition is as cut-throat as it can get. And you want to take no chances with it. Enlisting a person or team that offers professional copywriting services will ensure your content is illustrious, influential and well, epic.

How to choose copywriting services for your business?

Approach the matter as you would when hiring a full-time employee. Have a face-to-face interview, run background checks (ask for samples and references and make sure you review both) and more importantly, ask the right questions. Questions about experience, payment, terms and conditions are fundamental to making the right choice.

In addition, find out if the copywriting services are done in-house or outsourced to other writers. (Yes, there are copywriting companies that do so!) Find out if the copywriting services come with guarantee of zero duplication and on-time delivery. You also want to know how many rounds of free revisions are entailed in the service and what happens if you are not happy or satisfied with the work? Shop around and compare at least three copywriting services before finally settling on one.


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