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How to Make Money Selling eBooks—Video Tutorial

It pays to offer ebooks for sale online! You can earn good money by creating and selling your own ebook or by offering other peoples digital books for sale. Pick the right ebook to sell and you can make a fortune.

Cash in on your entrepreneurial spirt—whether by creating an ebook that teaches people how to make money on eBay or by teaching someone how to maximize income potential with Youtube—is one way to make money selling ebooks online. But others are also popping up, such as selling other people’s ebooks.

The good part: Selling ebooks online requires little or no money. And in some cases, you can start to make money selling ebooks immediately. Most ebooks you sell will net small, steady streams of cash. But it can add up to big earnings over time.

Pay close attention to these rules and you’ll find that the business of selling ebooks is awash in moneymaking opportunities.

What is an ebook anyway?

An ebook, or e-book, is an electronic version of a printed book that can be downloaded and read on a computer, phone, tablet or other handheld device designed for this purpose.

Anyone can create an ebook. The simplest way to produce an ebook is by placing the text and pictures of the book on an electronic document, then convert the document into PDF format—that’s it.

The best file format for ebooks is PDF format. This file format provides an electronic image of graphics and text that looks like a printed document. It allows users of the document to view, print or electronically transmit it.

How to make money selling your own ebook?

To earn money selling ebooks belonging to you, you’ll need three main ingredients:

  1. You’ll need a profitable ebook to sell.
  2. You’ll need a website or blog to promote the ebook.
  3. You’ll need to publish your ebook to a digital goods e-Commerce store such as PayLoadz or Electronic commerce sites such as PayLoadz provide a convenient and professional way to offer your ebook for sale to the public.
  1. You’ll need a profitable ebook to sell.

Creating and selling your own ebook can be financially rewarding. I earn tens of thousands of dollars yearly by giving publicity to ebooks that belong to me—it’s a very lucrative business. But selecting the right ebook to sell will determine your success. A good profit-making ebook must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The ebook must target a large audience.
  • The ebook must contain exclusive information, e.g. facts provided or information learned about something that is not already common knowledge on the Internet.
  • The ebook should be considered a necessity rather than a want.
  • The ebook must be affordable for everyone. My years of research shows that any ebook that cost more than $5.99 will yield substantially less money than an ebook priced below $5.99.
  • The ebook should mainly target an audience between the ages of 21 to 55 years old. This age group will most likely own a credit card.
  • The ebook must be available for instant download.

It’s also important to determine whether an ebook will be seasonal, as this can reduce expected profits. For example, if you put up for sale an ebook that lists your secret Halloween dessert recipes, you should anticipate all of your ebook sales to occur during the months of September and October. You’ll make more money selling ebooks that generate sales year-round.

2. You’ll need a website to promote your ebook.

A website is more than just a location connected to the Internet that maintains webpages on the World Wide Web, it’s the perfect place to publicize your ebook too.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs will never take the financial risks in the hope of profit. That’s because most people are intimidated by the thought of building a website. Most people are under the assumption that building a website or blog requires technical experience or cost loads of money. However, there are several automated do-it-yourself website builders that require no special web design knowledge and some only costs a few bucks a month, such as Some of these build-it-yourself web design platforms are free of charge too, such as

Building a website is a great way to market your ebook and to boost sales, but you’ll need to do some research before you create the site. For example, you’ll want to investigate which keyword phrases are most profitable. Another words, what keywords are users typing into the Internet search box most often when searching for information about their topic of interest?

Make a long list of keyword phrases people might use when performing an Internet search for your ebook. Then determine if those keyword phrases are profitable. The best way to know if a keyword or phrase will yield profit is by using common sense.

For example, let’s say we had a website about “how to make money selling ebooks.” A profitable keyword phrase could be “how-to earn money selling ebooks online,” or “how-to start an ebook business.” Whereas the keyword phrase “how to increase ebook sales” might net smaller profits, as the keyword phrase implies that the users already has an understanding of how to sell ebooks.

Once you have a good list of keyword phrase that you believe to be moneymakers, start writing articles on those subjects and publish the written works on your website. Generally, the more articles you write, the more web traffic your site will receive from search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Here's an example of an ebooks site (

3. You'll need to publish your ebook on a digital goods e-commerce store.

Once you've built your website and published several articles, upload your ebook to a digital goods e-commerce site so it’s available for public sale. Also, make sure you install eye-catching banners on your site’s webpages to effectively advertise your ebook to your visitors. Be sure to embed a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) link that connects your banner advertisement to your ebook that’s up for sale on the e-commerce store.

There are several e-commerce sites where you can sell your ebooks or other digital goods—my favorite sites are and However, if you’re selling an ebook that belongs to you, I would recommend offering it for sale on PayLoadz as this site allows you to collect payments instantly via PayPal. Be aware that PayLoadz and TradeBit collect a small fee from each sale you make, this is the price you pay for using their ebook publishing service.

If you decide to use TradeBit’s e-commerce store, you won’t be able to collect customer payments immediately. Instead, TradeBit issues a payout for all sales rendered each week, usually on Wednesdays. It should be noted, TradeBit has a probationary period of 30 days. During this time period TradeBit will not payout any money resulting from sales you made. Their probation period is setup to discourage fraudulent transactions.

How to sell other people’s ebooks?

Selling ebooks that other people own is commonly referred to as affiliate marketing. It’s a type of performance-based marketing in which a merchant or business rewards you (the affiliate) for each paying customer brought about by your own advertising efforts. 

The process of selling other people’s books online is virtually the same procedure as selling an ebook you are the owner of. The only major difference is you will want to signup to TradBit as an affiliate instead of a publisher.

Once you signup as an affiliate, you can immediately start promoting any ebook from their catalog—there are hundreds of thousands to choose from.

When you signup to TradeBit as an affiliate, their system will automatically generate a special URL link for every eBook in their catalog. This special URL link, which is automatically generated with your affiliate ID number embedded into it, can be found on the ebook’s public sales page.  To start selling an ebook, copy the affiliate link and paste it on the desired location on your webpage(s).

TradeBit also offers the option to use one of their attractive widgets for each ebook begin offered. However, my research shows that you'll generate less sales when using their widgets. 

Video tutorial on how to create an ebook.

While this short recording doesn’t provide detailed instructions on how to construct an elaborate ebook filled with bookmarks, chapters, subchapters, clickable hyperlinks and an index, it does provide an explanation on the subject and how fast and easy it is to create ebooks.


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