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Live Interactive Map of Coronavirus Cases South Carolina

This real-time interactive map provides a two-way flow in information in regards to Coronavirus COVID-19 cases within the state of South Carolina. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus outbreak is spreading across the state of South Carolina.

This live interactive diagrammatic representation of South Carolina transmits actual Coronavirus cases in real-time for each county. Track total positive cases in the state, deaths of individuals with COVID-19 infection and those that have recovered.

The live map of Coronavirus cases lists hotspots prioritized by greatest number of cases per county. Currently, at time of publishing, Kershaw, Richland, Greenville, Beaufort and Lexington have reported the most cases.

Other counties are such as Anderson, Charleston, Horry and Greenwook have also reported community spread within those counties.

To navigate the real-time interactive map, zoom in to the map and click on the blue dot that identifies that county. A pop-up box will appear with the name of the county, confirmed cases and number of deaths reported.

You can also navigate the map by clicking on the county listed below “Deaths in Individuals with COVID-19 Infection”. Doing this will list total positive cases, and deaths for that specified county.

Below the map there are two tabs, one is listed as “Coronavirus Map” and the other is listed as “Hospitals”. If you need to find a hospital, click on the hospital tab and it will provide a list of hospitals throughout the state of South Carolina.

Each hospital location will contain a blue dot that incircles the letter “H”. Click on the blue dot on the map and a pop-up box will appear with the name of the Hospital and street address. Keep in mind that not all hospitals are open to the public.

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