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Coronavirus IS More Deadly Than Ebola

Is Coronavirus More Deadly Than Ebola

The Wuhan coronavirus is more deadly than Ebola because 1) coronavirus is airborne 2) Ebola kills its host too fast, limiting its reach 3) with other coronaviruses, reinfection is common 4) coronavirus is lethal enough to severely disrupt food supplies and our economy.


I hate to break it to you, but the coronavirus is able to cause more death than Ebola, SARS and influenza combined. Why, because it’s highly efficient!

Yes, we all know Ebola is an infectious and fatal disease marked by server fever and internal bleeding, spread through contact with infected body fluids.

Ebola’s mortality rate is a whopping 90 percent, whereas the coronavirus could be as little as 4 percent. So how could the coronavirus be more deadly than Ebola, SARS and Influenza combined?

The coronavirus is airborne, Ebola is not

How deadly is coronavirus 2019-nCoV
World War Z has begun

It is a fact, the coronavirus is airborne! It can be spread from one person to another via the inhalation of small airborne particles when an individual sneezes or coughs.

It can also spread by direct or indirect contact, meaning you can become infected by way of infected secretions from contaminated surfaces, or person-to-person transmission.

Certainly Ebola is contagious, but it spreads though direct contact (via mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, mouth or broken skin). The transmission of SARS occurred predominantly by direct and indirect contact.

Historically, a virus must be airborne to cause a pandemic.

Ebola is less deadly because it is so deadly

Wait, that’s a contradiction, how can Ebola be less deadly than the coronavirus if Ebola’s mortality rate is 90 percent?

Easy, Ebola fever immobilizes its host and kills it quickly, limiting the ability of an infected person to spread the disease over a great distance.

To prove a point, Influenza death rate is 0.1% and Ebola’s is 90%. Yet, influenza kills about 500,000 annually, Ebola only killed 11,300 in the span of 2 years.

Coronavirus is more deadly than Ebola because it is an airborne virus, and because it is less deadly than Ebola, making it possible for its host to spread the virus over greater distances, much like influenza.

With other coronaviruses, reinfection is common

There are several known types of human coronaviruses. Most of these viruses cause mild to moderate respiratory infections, much like the common cold. 

The human body does not build permanent immunity once it overcomes infection. If novel coronavirus (nCoV) is anything like other coronaviruses, it’s possible to become reinfected.

Adults average 2-3 colds per year. It’s doubtful a person could survive this new coronavirus if they were reinfected multiple times.

Coronavirus can progress to pneumonia. If not treaded fast enough, it could cause permanent lung damage. Making it difficult for a person to survive a second or third infection. 

Coronavirus is lethal enough to severely disrupt our global society

The human species has long surpassed earth’s ecosystem limits. Therefore, we can no longer survive in a world without technology.

Several times throughout history technology has failed in small locations around the world i.e. war, famine or disease, such as the Siege of Leningrad, Famine of North Korea and Syrian civil war.

When technology fails, so does the food supply. During the Siege of Leningrad, food ran dry and people quickly decimated local wildlife. When there was noting left to eat, some migrated and others ate their enemies.

Similarly, in Syria, once all the wildlife was consumed, woman and children starved to death because they could not stomach the taste of bitter tree leaves.

What would happen on a global or regional scale if pandemic occurred? Possibly, complete societal collapse.

How deadly is this virus, really?

Coronavirus mortality rate 64%

What are your odds of dying from this virus?

Assessing your exact odds of dying from this disease, especially so early in the outbreak, is kinda impossible because there are too many unknown variables.

The most important aspect you should focus on, is the total number of deaths vs total number of people who recover at the virus epicenter, Wuhan China.

Out of 4,586 confirmed cases within Wuhan (the total confirmed cases is irrelevant), 162 people have died and 90 have recovered. That places someones odds of dying at 64.2857% vs 35.7143% chance of surviving. Oh, crap, not very good odds if you’re betting on your life

Keep in mind that these odds are highly flawed. We don’t know the rate at which people die vs how long it takes someone to fully recover, nor do we know the ages of people dying. Death could take 7-10+ days, recovery could take 3 weeks.

The bottom line

China’s president, Xi Jinping, was recently quoted as saying “Situation Grave”, and “Coronavirus is a Devil”. Shocking and powerful words coming from a communist leader.

Hong Kong infectious experts said, “we should implement draconian measures to limit the spread”. Draconian means great severity or severe punishment. Shooting someone trying to escape a military quarantine zone would be draconian.

China’s president, America’s president and leaders of other nations know this virus is extremely severe. Medical experts say “containing new coronavirus may not be feasible”.

Buy face mask coronavirus
People are buying up medical face mask and gloves like hotcakes on eBay and Amazon. There are hundreds of other listings, all making big sales. Price gouging has also begun. 

It’s time to prepare for the unknown, then implement. Do not spend too much time preparing. When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed. Implementation beats preparation.

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