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How to Make Money with eBay

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eBay is one of the most popular and active online selling platforms and the sheer number of sales that take place here testify to this. According to, the total number of active registered users on this site touched the 157 million mark in the second quarter of this year (2015). If you have a flair for selling and a good eye for spotting products that can grab the attention and interest of shoppers, you can make money with eBay easily and quickly. Here are a few things to consider.

Buy products from international markets

Alibaba, buy bulk products at wholesale prices.
Buy bulk products at wholesale prices.

One simple way to make money with eBay is to identify markets across the world where prices are considerably lower than in yours. China is a good example of a source location where you can buy products in bulk at incredibly low prices. Do some research on how these items are priced in your local markets and fix your price so that you give a really attractive discount on the market price yet make a handsome profit on your actual cost. The key is to choose the right products and the right source in China who can give you reasonable quality products that live up to the expectations of your audience.

Get eclectic products from sales

Search local yard sales for hot products to sell on eBay.
Get the newspaper and check out the classified or yard sale section.

Another strategy you can employ to make money with eBay is to find unusual, eclectic items that are not very commonly found and sell them. You will be surprised to see how many such interesting, sale- worthy items you can pick up at yard sales and garage sales, even around your own home. For example, a baby crib that you no longer need can become a great buy for someone who has just become a parent. An exotic lamp shade that your neighbor has grown tired of and is selling in his yard sale can become a great collectible for someone if you showcase it in the right way on eBay. All you need to taste success with eBay marketing is creative thinking, some meticulous searching for just the right products and some inspired marketing to highlight why your reader really should buy the product right away!

Sell what people want to buy

Drones are hot products on ebay.
Drones are hot products on eBay.

When you are in the sale business, the best thing to do is to sell what people are really keen on buying. If you have a specific niche within which you sell products, say fashion, you can keep track of trends so that your product range matches the latest one. For example, if the trend is for everyone to wear the trendy jacket that Miley Cyrus wore at her last concert, you can stock up on this article of clothing and promote it with the artiste’s name so that you can attract the attention of hip and happening youngsters everywhere, encouraging them to buy.  Since you buy in bulk, you will get the wholesaler’s discounted price and your sale price can be fixed so that you make a handsome profit on each transaction.

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