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How to Make Money Online with no Money

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It pays large sums of digital currency to cast your financial net online, where high-wage web-based opportunities abound.

No money? No Internet experience? No problem! You can make money online with no money and hardly any e-learning.

You will need a web-enabled computer and a high-speed Internet connection to earn an online income. And you can get free Internet service at a cybercafe if you cannot afford online access at home.

How to get stared? Monetize your expertise—whether surfing the Net or microblogging—is one way to earn e-cash online with no money. But others are also popping up, such as online courses or digital marketing.

The good part: You can learn how to make money online with no money immediately. And with some online jobs, you can make money in cyberspace doing almost nothing.

Pay attention to these rules to unlock a gateway of online money-making possibilities…without spending a single red cent.

Create and sell online courses

A wonderful way to make a great passive income is through online courses.

These are courses in a particular area, such as public speaking, the how-to’s of making money online, making and selling crafts, or academic subjects like accounting or European history, etc.  The courses should give a wealth of information that people will be willing to pay for.  Some of the most lucrative online courses are those that will help students further their careers or improve their lives in some tangible way.

A lot of courses are sold in their entirety, with the customer paying upfront and then receiving all materials.  There are several services you can take advantage of to handle the logistics of this.

While it takes quite a bit of time and effort to get an online course off the ground, the incoming can keep streaming for years.  Because you can put a big price-tag on online courses, they can really rake in the dough.

Make money microblogging

Microblogging is a bulls-eye on the dart board of online money-making opportunities.

First, to define microblogging: it doesn’t mean writing a tiny blog, but instead the way to microblog is to blog on one particular niche.  That means focusing your efforts on traffic in just that niche and turning that traffic into pure gold.  It usually involves a Google AdSense account or something similar. 

You can microblog on any topic without money.  However, it’s important to do research on hot trends and topics, since these will earn the most cash.  Once you’ve chosen a topic, like the Houston Astros, Words with Friends, Recycling, you then search for keywords people search.  It’s probably best to write posts that are answers to questions, “how-to” type questions and posts if possible.

From there you can get into affiliate programs and sell ads and so on.  That’s when the money really pours in.

Get paid to surf the Web

If you’re looking to make a steady income, or just to supplement your payday with some extra dough, making money using the internet and getting paid is as good as it gets.

Now, you’re not literally just surfing the web on your way to some nice paydays, but you’re doing some fun things along the way. 

Sometimes the payment comes from downloading a search bar and then watching various videos, etc.  Surveys are very common as well.  In some cases, the cash money comes from doing some actual work, like research, but we all spend plenty of time on the world wide web screwing around and wasting time—might as well make some lettuce while you’re at it.

Sites such as InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and Opinion Outpost are great places to get started.  Be sure to read the rules and be ready to invest some minutes you can sneak.  Then your wallet will be a bit fatter.

Earn money by digital marketing

When you’re thinking about how to make money from home, you’re talking about digital marketing. This is a broad term for a wide variety of cash-generating activities online, including blogging, posting videos on youtube or elsewhere, monetizing any website, and embarking on affiliate programs.

The essence of digital marketing is putting out great information that generates an audience, then earning a steady income and developing a few different income streams at once.

Not only can you use Google Adsense to make piles of cash, but you can find all sorts of other digital marketers for affiliate programs.  You can mention their products and services, driving traffic to them and keeping the system going—they do the same, and you’ll find that a good chunk of money will be rolling in.

It can be hard to decide which kind of digital marketing you’d like to do, but once you get going, it’ll be fun and lucrative.

The bottom line

The World Wide Web is a tangled web of computer networks, where anyone can connect to the Internet and earn wads of digital cash with no startup capital. 

But to be successful, you cannot be that Internet entrepreneur that keeps asking “how can I make money online with no money?” or “how to make money online without paying anything?”. Stop asking, start doing. 

Now get plugged in and go online already. You’ll do great!

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