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How to Make Money Online Blogging

It pays to cast your financial net into the blogosphere, where high-income blogging opportunities abound.

No blog? No blogging experience? No problem! You can make money online blogging without a weblog and hardly any e-learning.

You will need a web-enabled computer and high-speed internet service to earn money blogging for e-cash. If you’re cash-strapped, you can get free online access at a cybercafe or other public Wi-Fi network. 

How to get started as a blogger? Monetize your expertise—whether in guest posting or web content creation—is one way to make money online blogging. But others are also popping up, such as earning revenue from Amazon or AdSense.

The good part: You don’t have to spend a red cent. And with some sites, you can start to make money online blogging immediately. Yes, most freelance blog writing jobs earn a small, steady stream of cash. But others can make you the next Internet millionaire.

Follow these rules to learn how to make money online blogging.

Make a profit promoting Amazon products

If you’re wanting a somewhat passive income stream, or at least a really big stream, the online beast Amazon is one of your best bets.  The money is definitely out there, and smart online marketers can bring it in.

The best way to get into this goldmine is to have a blog for a particular niche.  It can be vitamins, yoga, car repair, country music—anything.  Pave your road to riches with great info that builds up an audience.  From there, you can set up an Amazon Associates account.

Once that is in place, the money spigot is wide open.  On your blog or web page of any kind, you can then either mention products having to do with your niche, or write reviews for them.  When these products sell, you get a cut of the profits.  You can monetize your blog in other ways, meaning several income streams! So get blogging!

Passive Income Blogging How to Make $1,049 with an Amazon
I don't usually blog about Amazon products but it's easy money. If I focused all of my time on Amazon I'd be rich. 

Earn money guest posting online

Work-at-home freelancers don’t always recognize the great opportunity in guest posting.  This means, as the name implies, making posts on other people’s blogs.

One way this works is that if you have a popular blog on whatever topic, to make some money as a guest poster on the blog of a new, lesser-known blogger.  If you are a thought leader in your niche, you have a huge audience to whom you can promote that guest post, therefore driving traffic and money to that new blogger. They’ll pay you in return.

Further, if you have the ability to publish posts on,,, you can earn great cash this way.  You can ghost-write posts for businesspeople on these sites, thus raising SEO for these clients.  This is one of the most lucrative forms of freelance writing out there.

It doesn’t take much research to find how to guest post for the highest steady income.

How do bloggers make money from affiliate marketing
I make pretty good money guest posting. But if this isn't for you, try affiliate marketing. This is a sample of what I earn from just one of my accounts.

How to make money with Web content creation

A great opportunity for any writer wishing to pay the bills with his or her writing is web content creation.  What makes content creation so great is that it is a giant ocean of available work, meaning, available cash money.

Content creation is just writing whatever copy needed by various online businesses, big and small.  It can be a 400—word blog post, a 25-page e-book, a white paper, an “about us” page or some lengthy “how to” post.

Whether you choose to use a online freelancing platform or to independently market yourself, you can book yourself enough writing to pull in a steady income week by week.  Once you get steady clients, you can start to know where your money is coming from on the long term.  There isn’t a much better way to pile up your cash than by earning it working online from home with a wide variety of projects!

12 Free Ebooks to Teach You Blogging and Content Marketing
Create an ebook and blog about that. Here are my total lifetime sales for just one of my ebooks.

Making money with AdSense

There are a lot of ways to monetize blogs, and Google’s AdSense is the nuclear option.  If you’re looking for the ultimate online passive income stream, look no further.

When you go to a blog and see little ads on the right, maybe a banner at the top of the page, with a video popping up from the corner, that’s probably AdSense in action.  Once you build up a good following on your blog, you are ready to set up a Google AdSense account.

AdSense runs on a sort of autopilot—it’s Google that does the work for you.  They do a search of the content on your site and place ads accordingly.  When people click on your ads, you get some cashola.  All you have to do is create content and continue to be in touch with what your readers want.  Throw your passion into the enterprise and get cash as your reward.

The bottom line

The blogosphere is a tangled web of personal websites and blogs, where countless bloggers and Internet entrepreneurs are already earning loads of digital cash.

But to be one of those successful bloggers that earn outlandish incomes, you cannot continue to keep asking “how can I make money online blogging?” or "how to make money with a blog for beginners?”. At some point you have to stop asking and start doing.

Now get plugged in and go online. The blogosphere is awash with money-making potential.


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