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How to Accept Crypto Payments on a Website?

How to Accept Crypto Payments on a Website?

This how-to tutorial provides step-by-step procedures on how to receive cryptocurrency payments at your online business.

Cryptocurrency is becoming more ubiquitous than ever. The overall tinge of accepting and delivering payments across individuals, organizations and borders or regulatory mechanisms has changed drastically since the advent and acceptance of cryptocurrency as an exchangeable monetary token and more recently as a legal token of transaction; case in point, El Salvador. Business behemoths like Tesla, Microsoft, AT&T are accepting payments in cryptocurrencies courtesy its phenomenal growth and reputation e.g. Bitcoin’s $1 trillion market-cap. Soon enough, this financial novelty will entail the shared trust akin to that of regular currencies like US Dollar, British Pound or European Euro.

More than ever, businesses and merchants are becoming deferential to the idea of accepting crypto payments as opposed to credit cards and digital wallets. The profusion of e-commerce and drop-shipping further boosted the need to emplace fast and secure payment methods. The question arises – how to accept crypto payments on a website?

Technically, all you need is an online payment processor. One of these crypto digital banking platforms is NOWPayments. Its major services are accepting payments and donation, mass payouts and fiat money processing. For your business to start accepting crypto payments, the process starts with a simple NOWPayments plugin installation. NOWPayments integrates major CMS solutions like WooCommerce, Magento 2, Zencart, Ecwid, Shopify and Shopware. A detailed installation manual will explain the plugin installation, from setting up your account to choosing your integration and placing a “Make Payment” button on your website’s interface.

NOWPayments is lightning fast. It empowers instant payments with no chargebacks and lowest transaction fee; and even offers a premium personal account manager to keep tabs on your payments and transactions. Once integrated, NOWPayments enables your customer to pay with crypto. After the customer selects a cryptocurrency for payment, the payment is delivered at NOWPayments’ secure deposit address, and from there you can receive the amount in currency of your choice, crypto or fiat.

NOWPayments places equal prestige and position to all cryptocurrencies. From more popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum an Litecoin to up and coming Viberate, Chromia and Holo, NOWPayments caters to all classes and creeds of cryptocurrencies. Crypto zealots, who pile up a little of every cryptocurrency, now have a chance to manage their wallets with security and supinity.

NOWPayments integrates the widest variety of online stores and plugins, tools and cryptocurrencies. Its API offers instant payment notifications (IPN), immensely simplifying customized integration of crypto payment service into your website, platform, or mobile app. NOWPayments unique API allow customers to make several payments, using partial payments in BTC or ETH, for a single order. NOWPayments invoice payment format allows customers to make hassle-free payments and boost your profits – making the whole payment process easy breezy. If all that doesn’t suffices your needs, tastes or desires, NOWPayments’ Customer Solutions will whip up something uniquely personalized to fit your bill, bent and bias.

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