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Have Trump and his Circle Received a COVID-19 Vaccine?

Did Donald Trump Get a COVID-19 Vaccine?

The United States continues to grapple with the COVID-19 Pandemic. As more and more states cautiously reopen, other states are seeing case counts that are growing in an increasingly concerning way.

Even as the United States continues to seemingly struggle with containing the virus, President Donald Trump and those close to him have been able to stave off infection. Even with direct exposure to those that were confirmed to have the virus, no one in Trump’s family or essential staff have tested positive for the virus.

The good fortune of Trump and his associates could be just that, but there is also evidence suggesting that Trump and his essential staff have already been vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

"There is evidence Trump was vaccinated against COVID-19 virus"

Dr Anthony Fauci, who has been a leading voice in the country's response to COVID-19, has repeatedly stated that the lengthiest portion of the vaccine development process is testing. But despite Fauci’s insistence on the lengthy timeline, there are already vaccines that have been tested on humans. The early stage trials of those vaccines have already yielded positive results. These trials began as far back as March 16th. The potential vaccine has existed for months.

The President is also famously bullish on possible solutions to the virus. He famously began taking Hydroxychloroquine, a Malaria drug, before any evidence existed that it was effective against COVID-19. The drug was later found to have little to no effect on the virus. It is entirely possible the President would be willing to try a potential vaccine before it had been fully tested.

Trump also operates in a manner that would suggest he is fearless against the virus. He refuses to wear masks and is often seen around people that are not wearing masks. Vice President Mike Pence is often seen not wearing a mask as well. The message the White House hopes the country hears is that the virus is something that can be overcome, and is not as serious as Trump’s opponents, such as the news media, have made it out to be.

Was mike pence vaccinated with a coronavirus vaccine?
Pence Tours Mayo Clinic and Flouts Its Rule That All Visitors Wear a Mask

Appearing fearless is easy if one is already immune to the virus. Trump could also be motivated to appear as though nothing is wrong in an attempt to jumpstart an economy that before the Pandemic was the pride of his presidency. Since the Pandemic struck, putting millions of Americans out of work the stock market has entered a recession. The President is desperate for American’s to get back to work in the hopes of the economy fully rebounding in time for the November election.

Trump’s apparent bravery against the virus could also be used as a political tool. The Trump would like to portray himself as a fearless leader. One who led the country through a pandemic, while his election rival Joe Biden stayed at home. With the election right around the corner, the President would be looking for any advantage he can get as voters prepare to hit the polls.

Besides the good optics of being secretly immune to the virus would portray, there are more reasons those around Trump would be motivated to try an experimental vaccine. It must also be considered that the potential existed for an enemy of the United States to use the virus as a biological weapon against him. A sense of urgency may have existed in the White House to vaccinate the President before an attempted attack from a foreign country.

The reasons why Trump would want to be vaccinated are obvious. The possible vaccine has existed and been in human trials since mid-March. There also exists the following sound bite. The video clip, which can be viewed below, catches an exchange between two media members. Fox news reporter John Roberts and New York Times photographer Doug Mills.

During the exchange, which takes place in the White House briefing room, the camera captures Mills telling Roberts “Everyone around here has been vaccinated anyway,” Roberts is also not seen wearing a mask during the video. The quote only fueled speculation among those that had already suspected that Trump and those around him had already been vaccinated.

Experts have said that a vaccine will not be available widespread to Americans until 2021. This is due to the long development process for vaccines that has already been sped up significantly in the battle against COVID. While health experts continue to insist that a vaccine won't be available for months, Trump and his circle may have already been safe.

16 thoughts on “Have Trump and his Circle Received a COVID-19 Vaccine?

  1. I bet soon this coward will say he tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies and that he was asymptomatic, furthering his argument the virus is nothing to worry about.

    1. I sure Hope Trump stay away from Joe Biden and other Democrats, then seem to be spreading the “Virus” COVID-19 DOOM & Gloom just like CNN Daily does. But that’s only because CNN has little else to talk about any more..

  2. If Trump did get vaccinated he probably offered his closest friends at Fox News the opportunity to get vaccinated, like Sean Hannity. I am sure CNN won’t get that offer.

  3. I don’t think Trump used Hydroxychloroquine. He just wanted to win an argument against liberal media. And no doubt he’s been treated with a vaccine to produce immunity against coronavirus. All of his closest people don’t wear a mask. Not one picture of William Barr wearing a mask.

  4. Trump would be hiding in a basement if he hadn’t been vaccinated. He’s to fat and fragile to survive coronavirus.

    1. It sure sounds as if you are speaking from personal experience of yourself being Very fat and fragile “Muhammad”!!!
      ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  5. Many months ago Anthony Fauci said in an interview that a vaccine can be developed in a few days that could potentially stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity. Anthony’s only concern was “would it be safe and effective”. They’ve had a vaccine for several months now and you better believe Trump used it.

  6. This video assembles the evidence that Trump was vaccinated.
    In addition to the points made here, about how Trump and his team of cowardly lions, parade around showing off how fearless they are in crowds of possibly infected people; the video show the Secretary of Defense, definitively proclaiming that the Pentagon will provide a vaccine, hundreds of millions of doses, by the end of the year. The video also provides the evidence PROVING that the military had to have provided the vaccine, to the Oxford lab, for them to have skipped over a timeline that always takes at least 10 years, to produce a gmo vaccine, in 3 weeks (gmo vaccines are much safer, but insanely complicated to produce. Monsanto says it takes 13 years) . Anyway, take 12 minutes and watch the video. You will be glad you did.

  7. I guess this means trump, our fearless leader, was NOT vaccinated because hes in the hospital now with Covid-19. Explain that.

    1. If Trump was vaccinated in March, it mean he could have been reinfected. Vaccine immunity to Covid-19 might not last long. Dr. Fauci said, “it likely IS NOT going to be a long duration of immunity,”. If Trump was vaccinated, this could be very troubling.

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