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Coronavirus COVID-19 Live Map Miami-Dade & Florida





Coronavirus COVID-19 Prediction graph for Florida Deaths and Hospital Resources
[Above] The model shows the timing of deaths and what resources are available.

The estimated number of deaths by August 4, 2020 is 5.568 for the State of Florida. from COVID-19 Coronavirus
[Above] The estimated number of deaths by August 4, 2020 is 5.568 for Florida.

Projected Graph of COVID-19 prediction graph - Florida death
Keep in mind these numbers are based on the assumption that social distancing measures are maintained at the current status.

Use this real-time Coronavirus COVID-19 live interactive map to track total cases and deaths for any city within Florida.

This diagrammatic representation of Florida provides a two-way flow of Coronavirus data and information for cities throughout the State of Florida. It includes real-time, location sharing cases for each city within the Sunshine State.

The mapping tool is similar Google’s web mapping interactive satellite imagery map, although it does not provide panoramic views. The mapping tool is a broadcast that transmits at time of occurrence, actual coronavirus cases.

Use the map to track hotspots in Miami and other cities so that you can avoid them. The interactive map is a flow of information between Florida’s central computer and a computer user (you).

Currently, COVID19 hot spots include Miami-Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach, Duval, Volusia, Hillsborough, Manatee and Collier. However, Orange County, Osceola, Lee County and Alachua might be in the beginning stages of community spread.

The live interactive map also provides a current map of coronavirus cases worldwide and outbreak data for those countries. This means you can also get outbreak information from California, Texas and other states, just not in precise detail.

The Interactive Florida map also identifies the number of people tested; negative cases and positive cases and the number of pending cases. The live map also list the number of people who have unfortunately died.

To get Corona Virus details for your county, click on the county and a pop-up window will include details such as demographics i.e. age range, gender etc. A new feature has been added to the map that allows you to view the interactive map in 3D imagery, topographic, streets, streets night and navigation mode.

To the right side of the map, in big bold yellow numbers, it shows the total cases. Below that you will see arrows pointing left and right. Click on those arrows to see death count.

The Florida COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard is a product of Florida Department of Health, Division of Disease Control and Health Protection. It can be viewed in mobile version or desktop.