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How to Make Money with Youtube—Video Tutorial

It pays big bucks to upload your video recordings to the video-sharing website YouTube.

Monetize your YouTube videos in the form of currency—whether by earning revenue with video ads or by landing paid sponsorship endorsements—is one way to make money with YouTube. But others are also popping up, such as using Youtube to boost profits in your online business.

The good part: Making money with YouTube requires very little effort. And in some cases, you can start to make money with YouTube in minutes. Most of these methods will earn a small, steady stream of cash. But others can add up to a great deal of money.

Pay close attention to these tutorials and you might find YouTube awash in moneymaking opportunities.

What is YouTube anyway?

Yes, we all know YouTube is a video-sharing website where users can upload a video, search for or watch a video on YouTube. But here’s some interesting facts you probably didn't know. YouTube receives 1 billion unique visitors monthly and 4 billion videos are viewed daily. The top-earning YouTuber (based on income) earns $12 million annually. But what’s most shocking is only 5% of Internet businesses use YouTube to promote their online establishment.

If you asked me what YouTub is, I would tell you it’s a gold mine ready to be picked! That’s because I earn an average of twenty-seven thousand dollars per year by capitalizing on those one billion users. That may not sound like a lot of money to some. But when considering I only spend two weeks per year uploading videos to the site. It makes YouTube the easiest way to make money on the Internet.

1. Make money diverting YouTube viewers to your online business.

Tens of millions of people visit Youtube daily. Some pay a visit to watch entertainment videos while others go to see tutorials about how to build an online business, learn the how-to’s of making money online, or to acquire information on how to solve financial credit problems.

With so many people visiting YouTube, why not redirect those potential customers to your e-commerce store to earn profit. Let’s put this into perspective. If one Youtube video can generate 1 million views, how much could you earn if 15% of those viewers were diverted to your businesses product page?

You’re probably asking the question, “what if I don’t have an online business, how am I going to get someone to change course and visit a website?”. Well, makes it easy to create a beautiful online store, website, or blog. In fact, you don’t need web design experience and you can build a complete website in a very short time.

The good news: You don’t need physical products to sell on your website to start making money diverting YouTube viewers to your online business. You can monetize your expertise into the form of an ebook or offer pay-to-watch videos on your site that detail your expert skill or knowledge in a particular field. You can also monetize a website with ebooks by becoming an affiliate for

So what if you’re camera-shy or don’t know how to create a video? I’m always reluctant to be filmed, and dread the thought of it. But that doesn’t stop me from netting huge profits from YouTube. There are ways to produce a video without broadcasting your face to the world.

Go to and download their screencast software for a small fee. A screencast is a digital video recording of a computer screen. It captures the actions taking place on your desktop computer. It allows you to record voice-over narration too. It’s perfect for making creative how-to tutorials that you can upload to YouTube.

If you have some extra pocket change laying around you can spend it on a professional business video. At you can hire an experienced video producer to create a video starting at a cost of $5. I paid $180 for a high-definition video that generated me $6,000 in the first four months of being published on YouTube.

Listen, making money with YouTube is easy. The hardest part is discovering a product to sell that’s in demand. But when you find a sought-after product, it will sell itself. A good product makes the task of channeling YouTube viewers to your website a whole lot easier. At TradeBit there are thousands of marketable ebooks that you can start selling immediately. Some of these books generate me tens of thousands of dollars.

2. Earn revenue with YouTube video ads.

When you upload and publish a video on YouTube you have the option to monetize it by way of clickable adverts.  Video advertisements appear beside the video playing, before the video begins and in search results.

Earning ad revenue with YouTube is simple: 1. Upload a video and publish it. 2. Go to Video Manger and click on the dollars sign ($) symbol displayed next to the video’s title. 3. Enable the Monetize with Ads option and save the changes. 4. Connect your Google Adsense account to your YouTube account.

You can also choose the type of ads you want to display, such as display ads, skippable video ads, sponsored cards or overlay ads. By default, YouTube will include all of these ad formats automatically.

The amount of money you earn from YouTube video ads will depend on how much time you invest uploading videos, the niche topic, and the number of views your videos get. For example, technical tutorials can yield more ad revenue than gardening videos. Some tech YouTubers have reported earnings of $100 for 30K views.

While some people make a lot of money with YouTube video ads, I think it’s a waste of time. Let’s put this into perspective. I have a small gaming channel that has a few thousand subscribers and generates a lot of viewers per month. For every 15,000 views I earn $2.55.

But consider this, just one of my YouTube tutorials can divert 230 viewers to my ebook site, per day. I generate an average of 13 ebook sales for every 230 visitors. At a cost of $6.00 per ebook, that’s a net profit of $78.00 from one single video. It just makes more sense to divert YouTube traffic to a website rather then trying to earn revenue with YouTube video ads.

3. Paid sponsorship endorsements.

A paid endorsement is the action of declaring one’s approval or support of a service or product in exchange for money. Some people call it a sponsorship, which is the act of receiving financial support for promoting a companies product or logos. Either way, this is another way to make money with YouTube.

But be warned, YouTube is clamping down on video creators who work directly with big brand companies who sponsor their products. Basically, YouTube wants big brand companies to pay Google to advertise on YouTube channels rather than paying video creators directly.

Furthermore, it would be a good idea to read the FTC Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising Guidelines before operating under a paid sponsorship as you can be liable if a lawsuit arises.

To earn money with paid sponsorship or endorsement videos you’ll need to have a channel with a lot of subscribers and viewers. If you have both, you can make a decent living producing low key product review or testimonial videos, or simply plug a local business if it relates to the video’s topic.

For example, if you’re a master automotive mechanic and you record a lot of how-to repair videos. You could ask your local mom-and-pop auto parts store to reward you with a payment if you plug their online shop in your next video. This strategy might not rake in a lot of dough but it could earn you some extra spending money.

Important tips

  1. Adding textual content to each of your videos can have a profound effect on the number of views you get. It can also cause your video to rank high in both Google and YouTube search queries—and that's where the moneys at. I suggest writing a 350 keyword rich article and publishing it with each video.
  2. If you provide useful or interesting information when producing your YouTube videos, viewers will show their appreciation and reward you for your services by liking your videos and subscribing to your channel. The more likes (thumbs up) and subscribers you get, the more traffic your videos will receive.
  3. Avoid creating videos that contain intrusive advertising. The goal isn’t to “just” advertise a product, your video must be helpful too. Furthermore, if YouTube believes your only intention is to make a quick buck, they might suspend your YouTube account.


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12 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Youtube—Video Tutorial

  1. How to make money from youtube without uploading any videos? I wan’t to make a profit from Youtube but I’m lacking the equipment needed for recording moving visual images. I have an old videocassette recorder but it’s not capable of transferring digital recordings to my computer. Which means I cannot transfer the video from my computer to Youtube. Any ideas?

    1. From my understanding you can net an income from Youtube without having to upload videos. There are content creators that grant permission to use their work. Basically, these content creators produce videos and upload them on Youtube. When a content creator uploads a video they can mark it with a Creative Commons license. This means the entire Youtube community can reuse/edit these videos and monetize them.

      So here’s how you rake in the money without uploading videos to Youtube. 1. Create a Youtube account. 2. Go to Video Manager. 3. Click the dropdown menu next to Create and then click Video Editor. 4. Click the cc circle icon. 5. Use the search field below the cc icon to search for videos that you want to use. By the way, you will have to verify your account before having the ability to monetize videos.

      I would suggest doing a little searching on which videos make money on youtube. Some topics are more popular than others. Tips: Add a keyword rich description to the video. Ask your Facebook friends to like the video and subscribe to your channel. Ask your viewers to like and subscribe too. This should help the video rank better and get more views.

    1. For each viewer that watches a video, an advertiser pays $0.005. That equates to $5 for 1,000 views. Youtube then deducts 45%, leaving you a net profit of $0.0027 per view. But certain types of ads earn more money. Videos monetized with banner ads earn $.80 (or $.0008) per 1,000 views. But you get $.00044 after Youtube takes their share. Videos monetized with rollout ads earn between $5 to $8 per 1,000 views. Therefore, a video that acquires 1,000,000 views will pay $5,000 to $8,000 (or $2,750 to $4,400 after Youtube takes their cut). That sums up the basic Youtube pay rate.

      To answer your second question, Youtube doesn’t pay you based on how many subscribers or followers you have. To make real money with Youtube takes a lot of views, not how many people are members to a channel.

  2. Do Youtubers make money from likes? They must make something if they’re all begging for their viewers approval.

    1. Youtube does not pay simply because someone indicates one’s liking by clicking on the video’s like button. And they do not pay when viewers comment on videos.

      With that said, having more likes, subscribers and comments does show the channel is popular. And when a channel is popular it becomes easier to join the Youtube partnership program. But your videos will need millions of views to get accepted into the program. Content creators in the partnership program generally get paid more money by the companies who are advertising on their videos.

      Also, as mentioned earlier in this article, having more subscribers to a channel, as well as a large amount of people liking your videos, helps to rank a video high in the list of results returned in a Youtube search query. Videos with good rankings get more views.

    1. Before you set up your channel to earn money you should review Youtube partner program to ensure your channel is eligible for monetization?

      Step 1: Go to video manager.
      Step 2: Enable your channel for monetization.
      Step 3: connect your AdSense account to your channel.
      Step 4: Review ad formants and video criteria.
      Step 5: Start monetizing your videos with ads.

    1. There are many ways to make money from Youtube and without using Google’s click ads advertising placement service. I even made a video about it? Scroll further up the page.

  3. Can you make money with Youtube videos? It seems Youtubers never disclose how much money can you make. I’m starting to think no one is making anything.

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