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10 Different Types of Business Branding Strategies

          There are different methods used by business firms to promote brand awareness. Branding is an essential element of marketing strategy, used to create awareness of the company and its products. Advertisement is the common method used by firms to popularize itself in the market.  Different brand awareness tactics used by business entities include among others outdoor billboards, company websites, wall posters, media awareness, special events and use of banners. In addition to ads, there are other methods of building brand awareness; these include any forms that expose clients to the company and its products, consequently building brand identity through repeated referrals, direct marketing, extensive distribution, branded employees’ uniforms, company vehicles and building. Participating in brand related contests, word of mouth marketing, use of social media and internet, strong website and corporate sponsorship (Daye, 2009).  Piccolo boutique can successfully build its brand name in the market using some of these and other brand awareness strategies to enhance business performance.

10 types of brand awareness strategies

1. Special events

The business is strategically located (near private schools) within its potential target clients; parents and children. The owner of the Piccolo boutique business can collaborate with schools and organize several special events which will enable the company to meet with target customers. The events will provide an opportunity to interact positively with potential clients and this will promote business name of the Piccolo boutique and its products. Organizing such an event three to four times in year will create brand recognition in the school community. Road show events within the city can be used to popularize Piccolo boutique and its product among city residents. Company may also organize special events for the community through local leaders and churches (Koksal and Ozgul, 2007).

2. Outdoor billboards

Outdoor billboards are powerful tool used to build brand awareness among the population. These are large poster signs mounted along highways and entry points targeting commuters and residents. This tool is popularly used to reinforce other marketing campaigns undertaken by business entity. However, the challenge lies on how to come up with an appealing billboard for potential clients and the position of the billboards. The owner of Piccolo boutique should mount appealing billboards at major entry points into the city to target over 500, 000 population. Other billboards should be placed near three private schools located close to the boutique business. Proper positioning will provide an opportunity for potential customers to view them repeatedly, hence building business brand name (Upshaw, 1995).

3. Use of branded benches

The use of benches is popular outdoor marketing tool commonly used in the cities with high walking traffic. Small pictures accompanied by short messages about business entity and products will be provided on benches together with contacts. Bus stop benches are the best option for these ads of boutique products (Dave, 2010).

4. Media awareness

Media campaigns are the most common and powerful marketing promotion and brand awareness method. This entails the use of local radio and television stations, newspapers and magazines. This are preferred because of its wide coverage and popularity among the masses (Danziger, 2004).

5. Branded employee uniforms, vehicles and building

The company should design branded uniforms for its employees to market the company name. Though is an expensive venture, it has far reaching benefits to business entity as far as extending brand identity is concerned. Studies have shown that customers prefer working with companies whose workers wear uniforms, and well designed uniforms attract and retain customers. Employee uniforms also enhance business image and brand integrity, differentiates company products from competition and improve customer confidence and attitude towards the company (Vernon, 2010). Piccolo boutique should design good uniforms for their employees. The sides of company vehicles should also be branded with company names and products as well as business building. Branding of vehicles and building should be visible and appealing.

6. Brand contests

Piccolo boutique business firm should organize brand related contests with nearby private schools to enhance brand awareness in the school community. These may include sponsoring inter-school contest in sports, debates and other events, and use this opportunity to market its product to the parents and school children. The company may also organize sporting contest for the surrounding communities through which they can show case their products.

7. Corporate sponsorship

Engaging is corporate sponsorship activities for the community and the school could also improve the brand of the Piccolo boutique business. For, instance, the company may decide to provide free uniforms to the best students in the three school. This would significantly boost the image of the Piccolo boutique business among the masses. Sponsoring city soccer league and providing branded sporting uniform could enhance the image of Piccolo Boutique Company in the city and beyond. Sponsoring various community events could also create public interest in the company and its products (Ataman, Van & Mela, 2010).

8. Direct marketing

Direct marketing is commonly used by business firms to build brand awareness and sell products at the same time. Piccolo boutique firm should employ direct sales representative for purposes of marketing and selling company products and services (Boulding and Staelin, 1994).  Direct marketing has an advantage of obtaining immediate response and building strong working relationship with clients as company communicates directly with its current and potential clients (Brown, 2010).

9. Internet and social media marketing

Internet has become the major source of information in the current age. The use of social network has grown and could provide the best avenue for the company to build its brand beyond the city of location. The firm should come up with an appealing websites branded with its products, contacts and prices. The use of common search engine will help in building brand value for the Piccolo boutique firm. The use social networks could successfully market the company and build relationship with clients, especially among youthful parents (Reis & Laura, 1998).

10. Other branding strategies

Other method s that could be used to build brand name will involve word of mouth marketing by company employees to their friend and family who are expected to spread the message to other people and these thereby building brand name. Partnership with other business in line business to roll out Piccolo boutique, these may include firms’ children products like Pampers, powders, food and others (Rajagopal, 2007).

Branding strategies are necessary tools for marketing company business for sustainable growth and performances. Effective use of these strategies has seen many firms grow in strength, and failure to create brand awareness is seen as the beginning of business failures. The success of branding depends heavily on how will these strategies are implemented; it requires patience and commitment of the business owner. The use of these strategies by the Piccolo boutique firm could see the company grow in business strength.


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